GameSpot's Game of the Month Awards FAQ

Everything you need to know about our Game of the Month awards.

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GameSpot's Game of the Month awards aim to tell you our editors' favorite game released every month. Want to know more? Check out our answers below to some of the questions you may be asking.

What is the Game of the Month award?

Every month, GameSpot's editors will scour through the releases of the past calendar month and choose one game as their favorite. This game will be crowned as our official Game of the Month, and will be showered with much praise and adoration. Also a nifty logo that stamps it as our choice pick for the month.

Why is GameSpot doing this?

GameSpot has long held our annual Game of the Year series in December that tells you the best games for the last 12 months. But that happens only once every year. Having a monthly best-of feature lets you know the games that you definitely must play on a much more regular basis.

What games will be considered for Game of the Month?

Any title released within the calendar month for each Game of the Month period is eligible. And only original, new release games will be in contention (unfortunately ports or HD remixes will not be considered).

Will you be doing platform-specific awards as well?

GameSpot's Game of the Month will be awarded to only one game. We won't have platform-specific awards for Game of the Month (we'll leave that to our big Game of the Year program).

How do you decide which game gets the award?

GameSpot editors play games--lots of games, across a variety of platforms. At the end of every month, we lock the editors in a room and get them to decide which game is the best. Arguments ensue. Professional relationships are strained. But we do get results.

OK, so how does this relate to the big Game of the Year awards?

Each game awarded Game of the Month will automatically become a finalist in our end-of-year awards. That means they go into the list of games that we look at when considering our overall Game of the Year winner. But we reserve the right to add more games to that end-of-year list, so just because a game doesn’t get awarded Game of the Month doesn't rule it out of our Game of the Year considerations.

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