GameSpot revamps subscription model

Complete replaced by Total Access; cheaper GameSpot Plus introduced for live event coverage, game guides, and other site privileges.


Regular visitors may have noticed that GameSpot has undergone some subtle changes this week--it has reworked its subscription model. The GameSpot Complete premium subscription plan has been replaced by GameSpot Total Access, while a new midlevel GameSpot Plus plan has been introduced for users looking for some specific features.

All registered GameSpot readers will still be able to read the site, download files from rate-limited servers, use the forums, and keep their own blogs free of charge, but Plus subscribers will be able to download game guides, get live coverage of events, like the Electronics Entertainment Expo, and will receive a few more perks. At the highest level, Total Access subscribers (which include every current GameSpot Complete subscriber) can view the site free of intrusive ads, take part in GameSpot tournaments, and have access to high-speed file downloads and exclusive beta tests. Total Access sign-ups who pay annually instead of monthly can also choose to receive free subscriptions to two of three magazines, including Wired, Details, and FHM.

GameSpot Plus memberships cost $2.95 per month or $19.95 per year, while GameSpot Total Access is $5.95 per month or $39.95 per year. For the full details on each subscription plan's perks, check out the Plus and Total Access FAQ.

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Yes basically the whole point about coming to GameSpot is now void during E3. If I have to PAY for daily coverage, then I refuse to do that. I'll support IGN quite easily rather than GameSpot trying to exhort money out of me. As much as I like GameSpot and their game coverage this is just down right wrong to try and black mail people into subscribing. They get over 50% of the visits for the year during E3 and they are trying to force people to pay for E3. It's bad enough gamers can't get into E3 without the game sites we depend on to show us the coverage trying to exhort money out of us.

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not bad of a transition for GS.

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: | slow news day I see

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Basically, "Gamespot Complete" has changed into two forms of subscriptions: one where I have to pay less, and the other to pay a little more. Either way, I'm still gonna lose some money if I upgrade my membership. At least Gamespot is courtious by having cheaper monthly payments. I know back then, subscribing for "complete" is 30 bucks a month...I think. It stinks that Gamespot no longer offers an "EBgames discount" for paying members; I wonder if it means Gamespot would now offer discounts for "Gamestop" (hey, wishful thinking).

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how do we get the subscriptions?are they for new complete members only

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i cant sign up for gamespot plus it gives me an error can some1 help me?

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Wait, so does this mean that registered members won't be able to see E3 coverage until after the event?

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I'm glad that Gamespot is adding more features to Complete/total access members. Gamespot Ice will be really cool.

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I just realized what the new icon is all about. -feels special-

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So is that what that army patch thing near my name on the top right of the screen means?

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Good job GS, I love the new icon btw. :-)

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A seamless transition. Excellent job!

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i want ICE!!!!!!!

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