GameSpot Redesign: Frequently Asked Questions

GameSpot Redesign: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What do you mean by "site redesign"? When is this happening?
A: During the week of October 2, you'll see the pages on GameSpot undergo a transformation. Think of it as a face-lift, but the changes on the site are more than just superficial. You'll find that many aspects of the site work better than before, and gaining access to all of GameSpot's content and features will be easier than ever.

Q: I like the site just as it is. Why change?
A: We're changing the site because we believe it could always be better and because we believe the timing is right. Our goal at this stage is to augment everything you like about GameSpot without significantly changing your experience using the site. However, this redesign is also a new starting point for us, and from here we'll be able to do everything that we have planned for you.

Q: What are some of the new features of the redesign?
A: Our primary focus with this redesign was laying a solid foundation for our continued growth while accentuating all your favorite aspects of GameSpot. However, we made sure to squeeze in some new and improved features as part of this project. While browsing the site, you'll find a vastly improved search engine, new community tracking features, and new content-browsing functionality. We think you'll really enjoy these additions.

Q: What can you tell me about the new look of GameSpot?
A: Our design intention with GameSpot's new look was to make all our content easier to find and easier to digest. Instead of assaulting you with far more content than you'd ever want to take in, our aim was to clean up our pages, creating more "breathing room" for our content and allowing you to get to your favorite sections more quickly than ever before. We also wanted to make our pages lighter and faster, so that even if you're on a lightning-fast broadband connection, you'll still feel the difference. In addition, there's a greater level of customization that's possible on our pages. We tried to strike the balance between having a highly cohesive look while avoiding the cookie-cutter appearance of most Web sites.

Q: That's great, but will I be able to switch back to the GameSpot I know and love?
A: The changes we're making to GameSpot are fundamental, and as such, the new site will be replacing the old one. We think you'll quickly get used to and appreciate what we've done. But if you're feeling nostalgic, we invite you to reminisce about the old GameSpots at We've been updating our site every couple of years since GameSpot first started back in 1996, and it's always been our objective to press forward and to improve.

Q: What are you doing in terms of video?
A: You'll notice video players embedded into many of our main gateway pages. There you'll find the hottest videos for all the major gaming platforms, as well as our brand-new daily video digest.

Q: Whoa, hold up. Did you say a daily video digest?
A: Yes, indeed. You'll never miss a beat in the world of gaming if you tune in. And if you visit our home page each weekday, you won't miss it.

Q: Can you tell me more about some of the community enhancements?
A: For starters, we're giving you your very own custom updates page on GameSpot. You can track games, other GameSpot users and unions (user-created sites), as well as automatically receive updates from those sources on your own turf. For example, you can keep up with your friends' blogs and reviews, or make sure you're the first to know whenever we post new videos or screenshots of your most highly anticipated games. We've also enhanced your ability to customize your personal profile, and we're highlighting your contributions around the site more prominently than we used to. See if you can make it into our community spotlight sections by writing the best reviews or posting the most provocative forum threads.

Q: Are you redesigning your cheats site and your downloads site?
A: Yes. We're rolling them up into GameSpot, so that you need only go to a single destination for all your gaming needs.

Q: What about your hardware site? Is that getting the redesign treatment?
A: We will not be making any changes to our hardware site at this time.

Q: Will this redesign affect in any way?
A: No, there will be no changes made directly to GameFAQs as part of the redesign. Any changes planned for would be announced on

Q: Why aren't you moving to a wider page width?
A: In the interest of presenting you with clean-looking pages, and not alienating the majority of our audience that browses at resolutions of 1024x768 or less, we chose not to change the dimensions of our pages. However, by replacing the left-hand nav bar found on most GameSpot pages with our new horizontally oriented navigation, we've effectively created more room for content.

Q: Why are the forums in a fixed width rather than scalable like they used to be?
A: We wanted our forums to feel like a part of GameSpot, rather than a completely separate site. As such, we've consolidated the design of the forums into the rest of the new GameSpot look. We're dedicated to providing our audience with the best gaming forums on the Internet, so we'll monitor your feedback closely and continue to do everything possible to improve your experience using the site to communicate with others.

Q: Who worked on this project?
A: The GameSpot redesign project was headed up by longtime GameSpot staffers who have gone through this process many times before and have sought to bring their knowledge of games and building great Web sites to bear this time around. We hope you'll jump on our bandwagon.

Q: Why didn't you announce the redesign sooner?
A: We didn't want to jinx it. We also don't like to tip our hand sooner than we need to due to a competitive market. We've always prided ourselves at being an innovator in our field, so we like to announce our new features when they're just about ready.

Q: What's next for GameSpot?
A: We've got much more in the works, but during this busy season of new game releases and lots of exciting news, we're first and foremost dedicated to bringing you the best game coverage possible.

Q: Where can I send feedback?
A: We invite you to post your thoughts to our Site Enhancements & Feedback forum. We may also update this FAQ based on questions we see there. We may not respond to every post, but our staff will be monitoring this forum closely and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

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