GameSpot Presents: Dads and Grads Gift Guide 2010

Find the best gaming gifts for the dads and grads on your shopping list with our latest gift guide.


Summer's here, and with summer vacation comes the summer sun and summer fun. There's no better time to get up and go outdoors to enjoy yourself. Unless, of course, the dads and grads on your shopping list are looking to spend a little quality time indoors playing video games on their favorite computer or video game system. Don't worry; we've got you covered. GameSpot's 2010 Dads and Grads Gift Guide has all the major games on all the major video game platforms picked out and ready to go for you. Use the quick list below to jump to any game you're interested in or browse the image galleries for each video game platform for a more in-depth look at each game.

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Avatar image for Lord___Vader

if red dead was on also on pc, it would've been the top pc game as well..

Avatar image for ps3mastermatty

my dad loves video games mainly halo an stuff like that but he also plays guitar hero

Avatar image for arhwhyayehn

my dad loves joke every day he plays that haha

Avatar image for aahammel

Depends on your dad. Mine likes RTS's, such as, currently, Company of Heroes.

Avatar image for tarig134

i don't think that old men should play with games like alice in wonderland.They can play with BAD COMPANY.

Avatar image for chrisman0777

Chinatown Wars DS > PSP... waaaaay better.

Avatar image for Barabajagal

I'm a dad (well over fifty) who plays computer games and occasionally the xbox 360, and the wii. I started playing back in days of pong. My wife plays puzzle games and both kids play games. The dog and cat not so much. Somehow we still have a social life outside of gaming. I still manage to go to work everyday, take care of kids, mow the yard, fix the car, and make my own sandwiches. For us, video games are a form of entertainment. Nothing more nothing less. I'm no match against my son with an xbox 360 controller in my hand but at least my head hasn't exploded.

Avatar image for fat_otter

Dads should spend more time taking care of kids, going to work, and demanding women to make sandwiches then playing videogames.

Avatar image for cheazedude255

[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Avatar image for mike_ezm

I think that if i give my dad a video game, he would hit me in the face and tell me to do something with my life

Avatar image for logans_run_82

My dad grew up like...20 years before games were invented. And is still the "you need to get out and get fresh air" type of old person. (No disrespect in the "Old peson" thing. He's my dad after all) I'll just take a gamble and see how he likes God of War 3.

Avatar image for pip_boy_3000

I don't think my dad would understand any of these games...

Avatar image for newhighscore

my pops still plays mario golf on nes. if i handed him a controller with more than 2 buttons his bald head might explode.

Avatar image for Squirrelatwar

For Dads and Grads: Alice in Wonderland? Just saying...:)

Avatar image for Meira

OK, I guess i can't complain about the lists.

Avatar image for lookin_boy

sensitive a$$ people... XD F-this lame list

Avatar image for MAXrat320

@F-14-D_TOMCAT yes. MW2 is one of the best games on any platform. perfect gift game

Avatar image for luciotss

SON I WANT! Red Dead Redemption simply PERFECT!

Avatar image for DEATH775

Battlefield BC2 and MAss Effect 2 is just awesome

Avatar image for psdsoldier25

I cant wait to pick up my Super Mario Galaxy 2 on friday. The game looks amazing.

Avatar image for hibikino

I'm probably getting Red Dead Redemption

Avatar image for mikey1611

My dad is waiting for Gran Turismo 5 and F1 2010. Mostly Gran Turismo 5. Keeps asking me when I'm about to go buy a new game, Dad: "not Gran Turismo 5?!" Me: "It's not out yet!!!" Dad: "I know (laughs)"

Avatar image for Jharmar

I'm a dad of 2 and I've been playing games now for about 30 years. I have all main consoles, and have owned every console since the 16-bit days, handhelds included. I currently playing Blur, Alpha Protocol, Red Dead Redemption, BFBC 2 amongst others. Unfortunately, I won't be seeing one of my daughters next week due to her living with my ex, but she bought me Super Mario Galaxy 2, which I played last night and is a s good as I expected it to be.

Avatar image for Soapweed

Bought my dad Rainbow Six Vegas 2. I'll save Bad Company 2 and Mass Effect 2 for myself.

Avatar image for _Emperor

My dad is one of those that thinks the CD-drive is a cup holder for coffee or for a beer can He do however like Car/Airplane simulators...i wonder what his reactions would be like if i gave him Alice in Wonderland (ROF fockin L)

Avatar image for sniper2k0

Probably only golf games (minus Woddy Tigger of course...)

Avatar image for sonynhater

Unlike all you guys. My dad plays games. He has his own 360 and everything. =]

Avatar image for PS3gamer890

My dad doesnt play video games

Avatar image for lindz23

@lookin_boy Hardly... i doubt you have played more than an hour of either of those games

Avatar image for Virtual_Erkan

My dad would love to play Red Dead Redemption, God of War 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2

Avatar image for lanmanna

Too bad my dad doesn't really play games. He does like Super Street Fighter 4 though!

Avatar image for deactivated-5a09ca8df2816

[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Avatar image for thedaybreakers

Alice in Wonderland? The protagonist is A GIRL :)

Avatar image for weatherman2006

@IrishBulldog93 Putting a woman on the track!!! Oh my god, this never occured to me, you surely are an evil genius. Now you put the thought in my head, I guess I have to try it, damn you, you evil genius.......

Avatar image for brian_13un

My Dad would want a Mass Effect 2 and God of war 3

Avatar image for majid__007

the besat idea my dad ........

Avatar image for joeisnub

My dad would just want a sports game and a six pack....

Avatar image for Pixel-Perfect

The best idea for my dad would be Heart Gold... if he didn't already have it. D=

Avatar image for FarmFreshDX

@lookin_boy: Really? Are you that attention-starved? You have less than no idea what you're talking about. Try playing either of the games just once for 30 seconds. Your ignorance is physically painful.

Avatar image for lookin_boy

[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

Avatar image for cheazedude255

DS and PSP handhelds...Alice in Wonderland??? WTF???

Avatar image for kiriyama2

i think my dad would want a beer and a porn mag. oh well...

Avatar image for doverhash

Handheld games get no respect, the staff should separate DS and PSP games. This guide bites.

Avatar image for lawLiet18

are you sure they will like this?because my dad had no interest in games in my pc..

Avatar image for jasper-ah-

no way... if i want to gift a game to my dad, he will smash my 360 on my head,lol. its better for me to enjoy games alone and play some of them in co-op mode with my friend. but my mom realy like uncharted 2 and story line and when i finished it, she force me to play all the cutscences of the game for her and say whats happend in some cutscences, it was realy hard,lol.

Avatar image for IrishBulldog93

oh ye cause my "grad" would love skinning animals in red dead !! oh and my dad was just reminding me how to unlock the secret achievement for putin a woman on the track !! and dont even get me started wit god of war 3

Avatar image for Bigbudd0045

this list is stupid, why not just go to metacritic and pull the top rated games this year for each platform. No effort was put into this. besides if dad plays games he can go out and buy them himself. and honestly im a hardcore gamer and if got a game as a present for grad either highschool or college i would have been like wtf? grad presents should be a bit, watch, vacation, expensive pen, maybe a console or something. or the old standby: money.

Avatar image for mariostar0001

They think a Dad or Grad would like all these? Why are there so many shooters?

Avatar image for 47gunner

you kiddin?? play Total War for a little quality time!! imposible.

Avatar image for Little_Socrates

Alice in Wonderland is a poor "dads and grads" selection, although it is still better than Pokémon. I just don't see why on earth you wouldn't put Layton down instead. Meanwhile, other than Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2, I disagree with widely recommending most of these games. God of War III is excellent (but you need to have played the first two beforehand), Dissidia has been pretty divisive from what I've seen and is really only appealing if you've played at least 6 Final Fantasy titles, and I'm not going to even begin to describe how limited the appeal is for Bayonetta, No More Heroes 2, Monster Hunter Tri, and FIFA.

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