GameSpot Presents: Back to School Gift Guide 2010

Go back to school in style with the best picks for party, portable, and laptop computer games for those late-night dorm room sessions--along with selections of the best new games on all platforms.


It's that special time of year when the leaves start falling from the trees and the rest of us start trudging back to school. While strongly endorses a diligent course of study, we also know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Be less of a dull guy or gal with some of the very best games for your school situation (or any other situation) with GameSpot's new gift guide, including some of the best picks for party games with your friends, portable gaming on the go, and even the best games that will still work on your laptop computer. And we've covered all the best new games on all recent platforms as well.

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@ waZelda HAHAHAHAAHHAAHA i am actually LOLing! that is great

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what with ps2 there isn't game O_O

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World of Warcraft in 4th place. That is the one game that no one who are about to start school should get.

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i'm sorry but yuri's revenge should definitely still be on here, for party games and games to have on your laptop...

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Just the things to give a high school student! Left for Dead 2 will really, help him study. Back to school present! He wont have much time to play it or his marks will go down. I thought they only had gift guides at Christmas.

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way to go reminding kids that they have to go to school. this was probably their only escape...

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@ Gv0zD Awesome someone know what I talk about. About dragon age going to the console, it was predictable. It EA. They just want to make money not the best game possible. Despite the fact that I am a huge fan of crysis, now that they gonna do the second for the console, I bet they will ruin some of the first game feature.(such as kick @$$ graphic) Plus I am not sure what is wrong with them but all the cool alien that were in the 2 first game are gone!??

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why do you need gifts for back to school?????????? like well timmy your going back to school.....he's a game....but it doesnt matter you wont have anytime to play cuz you have school and stuff

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i love beating my friends at super street fighter !! lol

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Some good gift ideas here to be sure. Reminds me I need to play more Battlefield.

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noooooooooooooo school egypt

Avatar image for PopGamingMaster

Red Dead is a perfect game for school

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These gift ideas will improve your grades :lol:

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Ok and now a list based on the average gaming system owned by the average student.

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One thing though: why are we putting games on a "back to school" list? Isn't that a little ironic?

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THANK YOU!!!! People have FINALLY recognized Bad Company 2 for what it is as it's own game, separate from MW2!

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Warcraft III box for WoW

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bad company 2 is on pc ps3 and 360 top games now thats a sign of a good game

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This actually good list for games. I love the party game list the most because it can cause a lot of stress free and relax time with your friends and college roomates. So this a good list.

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there are only a few games for psp, and they've missed Patapon, GoW and others

Avatar image for rebornile

hhahaha mw2 is nowhere

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They should battlefield bad company 2 to the party games

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i lol , isn't there enough time to play games , u have to play them in school? go get some girls , geez , u won't f*ck mario & luigi . Or go play some sports .

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Wait wait wait wait, you put world of warcraft on a BACK TO SCHOOL gift guide? Isn't that pretty much a bad thing to get for back to school?

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what kind of list is this?what about notebooks,calculators,pens,pencils,brains,dunce hat,etc? yeah.. -. -

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Where the hell are the PSP games?!

Avatar image for StabGuy53

Borderlands Rock !

Avatar image for Jas0n94

yay for Borderlands being a party game! REAL FUN KILLING CREATURES!

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uncharted 2 is still top,i thought no1 played it anymore,but the game is still better then call of duty

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@ angry_roman1011 truer words have never about studying.

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Glad my school years are well and truly over and now that that i'm a grandad i get even more time to play on my two consoles (360 & PS3) see even this old gezza can game and not to bad i might add LOL.

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Who needs to study when you can play video games!

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it's clear...STUDIES RUIN GAMING...

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Good guide. It's exactly what students need at the beginning of school year -- more gaming ))) @alexandredgr Totally agree, man. PC is where hardcore gaming is. Thanks Blizzard makes games exclusively on PC. And though Dragon Age was also released on consoles, only PC version provided total experience with this game. When I saw DA on consoles it made barf =)

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@blackfray; even if you go to college don't play these games, at least not so often (even though it's hard not to), I missed and failed an exam thanks to Dragon Age XD

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a friendly advice for PC gamers who still go to school : Don't play none of the games above if you want to have a successful year, cause all of them are extremely addictive! but if you go to college then play hard!

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it does sound very weird gift got school year!

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A video game gift for the school year sounds weird...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@ tobelight: Consoles ruin good PC game because of their low spec. If blizzard start making starcraft for console all is lost. I guess that any hard-core player who played the first supreme commander and the expansion forged alliance (which was only for pc) will agree with me if i say SC2 was a failure.(HINT: They done a console version+they let square-enix make the story which is now all f-up.) GET A good PC...or die trying XD. This comment is about to get burried I bet but oh well worth saying =P. Notes: About the little change that square-enix(Or at least the designer because clearly Christ Taylor was not the only one on this) incorporated in the storyline to inform the SC2 player who didn't played the 2 first game(this has noting to do with the console topic) ..... A) Where the hell is QAI? B) Where are all the famous character of the the "first two games".(dostia died=ok, what about general hall?, what about Crusader Rhiza?, What about Captain Michelle Aiko? Brigadier General Fletcher terminated by the player=ok, Evaluator Kael as far we know is not dead? .......there is a few more.....) C) Dr.Brackman is now a evil psychopath?!

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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't worship Red Dead. Sure, it's a good game, don't get me wrong, but the whole GTA type game is getting kind of tired. I dunno, I guess maybe my expectations for it were too high. :-/

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ughh i wanna play red dead!!

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What! No Persona 3 for the PSP? Sure Persona 3 is an older game(3 years) but The Orange Box is also old and it made the top 5.I bet some SMT fans are let down.

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mass effect 2 is the best!!!

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mass effect 2 is the best!!!

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Good Old Uncharted of the best games for years to come

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psp got stomped.

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This is not that bad :P

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I would totally not recommend World of Warcraft or any other game that requires a lot of time to be put into it. If it's addicting then the person would easily decide to skip homework for another hour just to play more. They'll never get into Harvard. :P

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Putting WoW in a list of "back to school" games is a really bad idea...