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Inspired by Magic: The Gathering and armed with cutting edge technology, Chron X is here.


Genetic Anomalies today released version 1.0 of Chron X, the first Internet-native trading card game.

Heavily influenced by Magic: The Gathering and other paper-based TCGs, Chron X features beautifully detailed card art, sophisticated rules, and a rich science-fantasy setting.

Not that Chron X is a direct clone of paper-based TCGs. According to company spokesperson Shawn Broderick, Chron X takes advantage of its digital environment. "We've added the concept of geography to the rules," he says, "and that brings a searching component to the game - you have to find your opponent's headquarters before you can destroy it."

In addition, Chron X employs the concepts of stealth and perception, not traditionally associated with paper TCGs, allowing players to pull surprise attacks or set ambushes for unsuspecting opponents.

Like their paper counterparts, Chron X cards may be purchased, traded, and used for ante. This, of course, creates the possibility of hackers creating fake cards, much as they previously created false attributes in Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo. To neutralize this threat, Genetic Anomalies has created a proprietary protection scheme called Collectible Bits. Before any card may be used, it must be authenticated by the Collectible Bits system, which ensures that the card was legally obtained and is authorized for play.

The demo version of Chron X, which includes a fully functioning game and sixty cards, is available free of charge (see download link at upper right). Booster sets are available from Genetic Anomalies, starting with a deck of 15 cards priced at US$3. Users who register will receive an additional set of cards, along with the ability to trade cards, participate in tournaments, take part in a global ranking system, and enter exclusive chat areas. Registration is currently free, but the company plans to charge a fee of $25 in the very near future.

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