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GameSpot: Nintendo Predictions

Nintendo will hold a major press event on Thursday, September 14, and will potentially make an important announcement about the upcoming Wii console. GameSpot's editors try to guess what.


UPDATE: Nintendo has made the announcement that the Wii will ship on November 19th in North America for $249.99. Stay tuned to GameSpot for Gut Reactions later today.

On Thursday, September 14, video game publisher and hardware manufacturer Nintendo will hold a press event, at which it will show off several games for its upcoming Wii console. For those who have followed the company's yearly schedule, this is an intriguing change of pace, since the company traditionally doesn't make an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show trade event in Japan. Also, Nintendo used to have its very own autumn press event known as Spaceworld but stopped holding the event five years ago.

Then again, the company is getting ready to launch a brand-new game console later this year--and the Nintendo Wii is easily both the most exciting and the most risky console design that Nintendo has ever put together. And something's up. The company must be getting ready to make an important announcement about the console on Thursday, right? Will it be the final price? Its official launch date in North America, or worldwide? The lineup of launch games? Some other kind of surprise? GameSpot's editors are just as curious as you are. Take a look at our thoughts here and be sure to leave a comment of your own.

Greg Mueller | Associate Editor

No Caption Provided "Nintendo will announce that the Wii will follow the GameCube's lead and launch on November 18 for $199, and it will also announce an early 2007 release date for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess."

Greg Kasavin | Editor-in-Chief

No Caption Provided "I'm sticking to my guns about a $249 price point for the Wii, and my best guess is it'll come out first in the United States on Sunday, November 5, and that maybe, just maybe, The Legend of Zelda will be bundled with it."

Andrew Park | Senior Editor

No Caption Provided "I see a finalized price of $199 US, a launch date of November 21 (the Tuesday just before the American Thanksgiving holiday), and possibly some new announcements on launch lineups for the Virtual Console."

James Yu | Senior Hardware Editor

No Caption Provided "Best case, I see Nintendo going after the mainstream with an aggressive $179 price and surprising us with an October 29 launch date. It's been rumored that the controller will have a built-in microphone for audio interaction and voice communication--I'm hoping we'll hear more about that on Thursday."

Brian Ekberg | Sports Editor

No Caption Provided "Here's my supersecret (and entirely speculative) code for this Thursday's Nintendo Wii event: 111406 249 10. As in, a November 14 release date for $249 with 10 games available at release."

Jeff Gerstmann | Senior Editor

No Caption Provided "$249 makes sense as a launch price. I predict they'll put it out right before Thanksgiving to capitalize on the shopping craze. We'll see a firm launch lineup, and they'll probably also reveal something else crazy because that's Nintendo's style."

Phil Elliott | Editor, GameSpot UK

No Caption Provided "I can see Nintendo going for a nice round number in the UK--something like £150--and they'll launch on Friday, November 24."

Guy Cocker | Staff Writer, GameSpot UK

No Caption Provided "Pre-December launch at $200 in the US and $300 (£160) in the UK, although I'll be praying for no Sony-style European postponements."

Brad Shoemaker | Editor

No Caption Provided "Instead of predicting, I'm going to wish for a $149 price point, and it'd be awfully interesting to see the Wii jump the PS3 by a full month by launching in mid-October."

Justin Calvert | Editor

No Caption Provided "I'm hoping for a price tag of around $169 US and a launch date this side of Thanksgiving. Beyond that, I'd like to see both the Super Famicom and the Nintendo 64 versions of Mario Kart among the Virtual Console launch titles."

Sarju Shah | Associate Hardware Editor

No Caption Provided "I could see Nintendo pulling a preemptive strike with the Wii--with a launch some time in October at a price point of $179."

Randolph Ramsay | Editor, GameSpot Australia

No Caption Provided "I predict Nintendo will release the Wii with much fanfare on Thursday November 23 at the almost bargain basement price of AU$350. To get the Australian public revved up for the launch, Nintendo will start a national Wii roadshow where gamers can try out the new console from late October."

What do you think? Are our predictions close? Do you have a better guess about what Nintendo may announce tomorrow? Post your comments here!

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