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Welcome to GamePlay, GameSpot's audio panel show in which editors and guests discuss the latest news and demonstrate their gaming knowledge and intuition.

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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 1: Martha Stewart Shivving

So here we are at last: a new GameSpot podcast! Can you believe it? Taking a cue from our favorite British panel shows on TV and radio, we bring you GameSpot GamePlay. Each week, we recap recent news and test our panelists' wits and knowledge, probing their minds (just their minds--not anything untoward here) to find out just what makes them tick.

This week's highlights? Electronic Arts and Tom Mc Shea both declare the NPD's irrelevance, we discuss the merits of a Crime and Punishment game, and Shaun tells us what really happened to Martha Stewart in prison.

A quick note regarding iTunes and RSS feeds: It takes time for Apple to approve a new podcast. In the meanwhile, you can use this RSS feed to receive new episodes of GamePlay. We'll let you know when our iTunes feed is ready and working!

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