GameSpot GamePlay Episode 44: Movement to the Beat

It's the newest British invasion! Host Kevin VanOrd welcomes Martin Gaston, Mark Walton, Danny O'Dwyer, and Tom Mc Shea. They then break the podcast.

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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 44: Movement to the Beat

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The British have come. They bring mirth, merriment, and obscenity in equal measure. That measure being cubits, or furlongs, or some such thing, because that's just how they do things in the UK. Or, as its better known, "Unbelievable Klingons."

Just who are these invaders? Danny O'Dwyer is back, of course, this time joined by Martin Gaston and Mark Walton, who have joined forces against Tom Mc Shea and host Kevin VanOrd to see just how far they can take things before the entire show gets banned from the airwaves.

We also find time to discuss the rumored E3 showings, break down Harmonix and Microsoft's newest game announcements, and define the act of dancing once and for all. Have Urban Dictionary at the ready!

Links to today's music quiz choices, as promised:

Smooth McGroove's a capella crooning.

Video Game Pianist's creepy tinkles.

JasonYangViolin's fantastical fiddling.

FamilyJules7X goes ape.

CelloboyMJ's noir musings.

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