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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 28: Occupy Animal Crossing

Developer David Gallant joins Kevin, Tom, Caro, and Chris to get 'roided up and expose Unitology for the scam it is.

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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 28: Occupy Animal Crossing

David Gallant knows a thing or two about making sacrifices for the sake of art. In this case, making a video game about his job caused him to be, well, jobless. But never fear: this is not a downer of an episode. In fact, it's easily the most rambunctious GameSpot GamePlay yet! This week, we pontificate over the PlayStation 4, shout "Chrono Cross!" at random, call out Tom Nook for being the greedy scum he is, and pass judgment on creepy cults and the Canadian government.

Wait--maybe the creepy cult is the Canadian government. In this episode, reality slipped away pretty quickly.

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