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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 25: Tap Tap-a-Roo

IGN's Casey Lynch joins Kevin and the GameSpot team to discuss THQ, pit one Far Cry game against another, and show off his Peter Molyneux impression.

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GameSpot GamePlay Episode 25: Tap Tap-a-Roo

Since THQ's assets are all up for grabs, we invited IGN Editor-in-Chief Casey Lynch to help us divvy up the games. Casey gives Metro: Last Light to Bethesda; Chris Watters chooses Red Faction for himself; Tom Mc Shea wonders what Nintendo would do with Darksiders; and Tyler Winegarner grabs Saint's Row.

Host Kevin VanOrd has his priorities in order, however, imploring someone--anyone--to grab the Homeworld license and do something with it!

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