GameSpot Fireside Chat: Big Changes, New Home Page, Reviews

Join us for our first weekly fireside chat to find out about some big changes to GameSpot, see our new home page, and hear how reviews are evolving!


Greetings, GameSpotters! We're starting up a series of weekly fireside chats to discuss the future of GameSpot, show off what we're working on, and give you all a chance to ask us questions. And to prove that WE DELIVER, we're here, right now, delivering. So, without further ado, welcome to our first weekly fireside chat. Stay awhile, and listen!

What you missed last week

Just kidding! You didn't miss anything since this is the first. BUT! You may have missed that on Tuesday, we announced some pretty big changes. So go check that out if you like, or you could watch this week's fireside chat, since we're going to go over it there as well.

Also, if you're freaking out, DON'T WORRY! That last post was meant to be the bad news--there's plenty of GOOD NEWS to share as well, and we'll be doing some of that today!

Watch our first fireside chat!

Due to a technical issue, this was broken up into two separate broadcasts:

Today's agenda included…

  • Our Tuesday announcement
  • The new GameSpot home page
  • GameSpot reviews
  • Q & A

Check back for more details on the new GameSpot!

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