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EB Games? Ah the memories. Thats when back in the day you would pre-order a game and you would get game MERCH, not DLC codes and extra content for games.

Those were the days.

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Will there be much on display? Don't most games get highly scrutinized when they go to Australia and receive ridiculous ratings making them impossible to obtain, assuming they get past that stage?

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@Zombrex: Not exactly, They can be pretty strict with Ratings but Aus still gets Games.

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Going through the schedule the PlayStation presentation appears to have vanished.

The thing I'm really looking forward to is the cosplayers.

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Get to the real news please. What did UI artist Mackay Clark of Bungie®, makers of Destiny™, have for lunch yesterday?

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@Nurg0: They left that news for Eddie Makuch. I'm sure the title of it would be: "Bungie employee snubs Playstation" and it will be some strung together article about how he was using a Windows phone while eating his lunch.