GameSpot Asia Beat Episode 6: E-Sports Ecstacy

We talk about the state of e-sports circa 2012 in this week's show. Also, Persona 4 Arena and Final Fantasy Versus XIII join in the fray.


This week's episode is all about the trials and tribulations of e-sports; we're talking behind-the-scenes stuff, and the kinds of problems that the culture is experiencing just to get within view of the casual and mainstream eye.

For our sixth episode (with GameSpot Asia's Randolph Ramsay and me) concerning the state of e-sports in Southeast Asia, we have ESL Asia's Jasper Mah and local site No Game No Talk's Wei-Meng Lee as our guests. Since we also played a few games here and there, we brought up Persona 4 Arena, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and (the lack of) Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

On with the revelries!

The time stamps for this week's show are as follows:

0:00 - This bit of awesomeness
3:20 - Counterstrike: Global Offensive closed beta
6:33 - Rayman Origins and the great Steam sale last weekend
8:45 - Tiny Towers, Diablo III
12:30 - Persona 4 Arena
14:32 -The state of e-sports
44:53 - Intermission
45:32 - Singapore Nationals StarCraft II tournament
50:25 - Final Fantasy Versus XIII not dead
53:21 - Exploding PS Vitas (sort of)
55:26 - Borderlands concept not copied, says Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford
58:15 - Metal Gear 25th Anniversary

Download the show here. Also don't forget to give us your two cents about the show at the bottom; tell us whether you want us to bring up a specific Southeast Asia topic or if you want me to do a rendition of "Beyond the Game"!

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