GameSpot Asia Beat Ep.3: E3 2012 Aftermath

For this week's show, we talk shop about what we liked and reviled about this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Hello again, fellow game enthusiasts in Asia. After all is said and done, this year's E3 was filled with many theatrics by way of press conferences and a boatload of games that may or may not be out on their intended dates of release. In fact, some of them like Star Wars 1313 and Watchdogs are suspected to be so good-looking and rife with fidelity that they could be on future platforms.

We also wonder if the press conferences of the Big Three were purposely catered towards the mainstream, or whether they have no idea who they're aiming these showings of software and products to. There's also that funky Final Fantasy tech demo with the terrorists, dragons, and old guys with incredibly detailed wrinkly skin. Way too much detail, if you ask me.

What does this all mean? Why, this is all for us game journalists and writers to speculate and talk smack about, of course! Joining me in this multilevel adventure into conversation are special guests RazorTV's Bryan de Silva and SG Cafe's Sim Cheng Kai. Again, these guys have been around the block for a long while, so you can expect a cerebral-challenging ride which will start as soon as you hit the play button on the SoundCloud player below.


Download our E3 2012 aftermath of an episode here. Also, do post your thoughts below. Thanks for listening!

Break track: "Magnetic Fireworks" by WillRock. Download the track here .

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