GameSpot Asia Beat Ep.13: Indie Hour of Power

This week's episode of Southeast Asia's best gaming podcast highlights the indie gaming development scene in Singapore.


You know what's overdue? Talking about the games industry in the Southeast Asia region, that's what. To be more specific, we'd like to explore the nuances of the indie game development scene one region at the time.

For this week, let's start with Singapore; since it's closest to the GameSpot Asia HQ. We talk to indie game developers Ian Gregory (Witching Hour Studios) and Gerald Tock (Inzen Studio, formerly from Nabi Studios) about the local scene. There's also some stuff about Ubisoft eyeballing THQ brands and some Mass Effect/Black Ops II PC copies cock-up.

Download this week's show here. Timestamps are below for your reference:

0:27 - Introducing Ian (Witching Hour Studios) and Gerald Tock (Inzen Studio, ex-Nabi Studios)
4:48 - Knights of Pen & Paper (iOS)
7:26 - Saints Row The Third + GTA bits
11:59 - Assassin's Creed III (Again)
14:20 - Intermission #1 ("In The Bar" by Project Dolphin)
15:20 - Indie Game Dev. Talk
28:20 - Intermission #2 ("In The Bar" by Project Dolphin)
29:11 - More Indie Game Dev. Talk
41:00 - Intermission #3 ("In The Bar" by Project Dolphin)
42:02 - News - Mass Effect 4 to use Frostbite Engine, Crysis F2P, and more!
Intro & Outro music: "Penpal" by Anamanaguchi

Did you enjoy this week's show? Care to share your thoughts about the indie development scene in other Southeast Asian countries, or your favorite indie title? Tell us in the comments box below.

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