GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 8: They're All Going to LOL at You

We speak up about League of Legends and discuss what makes it so special among MOBA fans. We also bring up Team Fortress 2, Darksiders II, and Sleeping Dogs.


Team Fortress 2
League of Legends
Sleeping Dogs

In case you haven't heard, League of Legends is a pretty big deal in Southeast Asia right now. It's probably the characters and art style, or it's the fact that it's both simple to get into and complex enough to warrant international tournament credibility.

Whatever the case, listen as Garena's Aaron "Djehuty" Khoo and CNET Asia's Aloysius "longadin" Low dish out some MOBA love while I chip in early about recent non-MOBA fares like Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs. All this and more on Southeast Asia's top video game podcast.

Download the podcast on this link right here. Timestamps are just after this paragraph in case you want to skip straight to the LOL talk.

00:57 - Current Korean music trend.
02:38 - Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. Machine
05:08 - Path of Exile
08:48 - Darksiders II
12:32 - Sleeping Dogs
16:27 - Intermission
17:37 - League of Legends megatalk
35:46 - Intermission part deux
36:51 - News (Wii U press con, eSports League at STGCC 2012, etc.)

Do tell us your League of Legends experiences here. Favorite characters, best and worst online experience, the ratio of pirates, zombies, and ninjas in the game: anything!

Intro Song: "Penpal" by Anamanaguchi

Intermission Song: "Of Whips and Strings" by Super Guitar Bros. (Castlevania "Vampire Killer" remix)

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