GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 21 - Pushing The Sky

Major BioShock Infinite spoilers! Favorite LucasArts games! Defiance first impressions! All this and more on this week's Asian video game podcast.


If you couldn't tell by the deck, this week's Asia gaming podcast episode is primarily about major BioShock Infinite spoilers. Razor.TV's Bryan de Silva and I talked about what it all means, whether it addressed certain subject matters well, and attempt to shove in a Half-Life-related anecdote or two. We also chat about the first hour of Defiance and the recent shutdown of LucasArts.

We've got the timestamps all plotted out just before the podcast player, so you know where to skip ahead to.

2:12 - Defiance first impressions
7:51 - BioShock Infinite spoiler-filled discussion start
49:48 - BioShock Infinite spoiler-filled end; remembering LucasArts

With that said, let's roll on with the game-talking. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Download the podcast here. What are your thoughts on the game's ending and narrative as a whole? Were there any plot holes we could have addressed? What are your favorite LucasArts games back in the day? Tell us in the comments box below.

P.S: The next episode of the GameSpot Asia Beat podcast will resume to its fortnight schedule: April 19.

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