GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 20: End of March Madness

The month of March comes to a close; GameSpot Asia and friends talk about BioShock Infinite (no spoilers), Tomb Raider, SimCity and others.


March is almost over, which means that there wouldn’t be too many titles assaulting our gaming senses. Between playing through the likes of BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and SimCity, along with keeping track of GDC news like that Metal Gear game consisting of hospital scenes and flaming horses, we confess that it’s a tough juggling act to decide what to focus on talking about for the show.

Joining Randolph and I in our games-talking are ESPN Game’s Marc “The Fraggot” Lim and GXBlog’s Michael Khoo. On with the podcast!

Download the show here. What are the games you've been playing this month? Are you stoked about Metal Gear Solid V? Talk about it on the comments box below.

OP and ED music: "PenPal" by Anamanaguchi
Intermission: "The Kirb Reich" by Brandon Strader

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