GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 18 - Blasting Into Orbis

Raccoons, monster girls, and good old Sony-themed next-gen forecasting is the main course for this week’s Asian gaming podcast.


So, February 20 sounds like a day that may live in infamy. Or maybe it may put Sony back on a godly pedestal. In any case, why not speculate like mad before the next week hits, eh?

This week, yours truly invited Razor TV’s Bryan de Silva and SGCafe's Sim Cheng Kai to talk shop about what may be announced on Sony's upcoming February 20 showcase. Will it be the PlayStation 4? Or Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PlayStation 4? Or Sony trolling everyone just to show off a new PS Vita SKU?

Who knows? It will at least make for a great show, right? On with it!

Download the show here. Timestamps are below for your reference:

3:06 - Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
11:16 - Aliens: Colonial Marines and horror games in general
19:23 - Monster Monpiece for the PS Vita
29:08 - Intermission ("Routine of War" by The Duel Dragons)
30:02 - PS4 and Sony's February 20 press conference speculation-orama
Intro and outro song - "Penpal" by Anamanaguchi

What do you predict will happen at Sony's press conference on February 20? What do you wish to see from the PS4? What launch titles do you expect to see? Tell us on the comments box below.

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