GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 16: 2013 - A Geek Odyssey

We start off 2013 with a game-amplified bang, starting with Warframe, BioShock Infinite, Pokemon X and Y, and whole lot more upcoming titles.


Hello again, fellow listeners. We hope you had a kick-ass 2012, because 2013 just came in and demands your undivided attention. It's the first GameSpot Asia podcast for the year, so let's talk about the future, filled with upcoming titles like Bioshock Infinite, Warframe, Pokemon X/Y, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and a boatload more in store.

Joining me, Jonathan Toyad, are Randolph Ramsay from GS Asia, Michael Khoo from GXBlog/Digital Life, and Sim Cheng Kai from SGCafe. And with that, press play to begin!

Download the podcast here.Timestamps are below for your reference:
2:14 - Blade & Soul
5:54 - Ragnarok Online 2
7:04 - Warframe i.e: the shooter with space ninjas
11:50 - Hotline Miami
16:29 - BioShock Infinite; potential GOTY 2013?
28:02 - Intermission #1 - "Welcome to Rapture" by Gary Schyman
28:01 - 2013's upcoming titles, from DMC to God of War: Ascension's multiplayer
1:00:05 - Intermission #2 "Wrath Industrial" by ktriton
1:01:05 - Second part of 2013's upcoming titles, from Clang to Star Wars 1313.
Intro & Outro music - "Penpal" by Anamanaguchi

So I ask you listeners and lovers of video games: what are your most-anticipated titles for 2013? Dish out your two cents on the electronic soap box below.

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