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GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 15 - Goodbye, 2012

We say farewell to 2012, recapping the highs and lows of the year.


This year has been quite a heck of a ride with its ups and downs, hasn't it? We've seen Kickstarter projects, lots of good studios closing down, Twitter movements that showcased gender inequality in the games industry, and companies doing silly things trying to pimp their titles and hardware. Also, there's still no sight of the Wii U on sale in Asia.

To offset this, there were tons of games that were our highlights. Joining myself and Randolph Ramsay on this mega-podcast of the year are Ian Gregory from Witching Hour Studios, Aloysius Low from CNET Asia, Bryan de Silva from RazorTV, and Sim Cheng Kai from SGCafe. We've done such a great job at covering 2012 that we needed to expand our podcast for an extra hour. That's right; it's THAT good.

So seriously, go listen to it now.

Download the larger-than-usual-and-life podcast here. Time stamps are at the bottom for your reference:

0:00 - This
0:30 - Afternoon Session pt.1 (Randolph, Aloysius, Ian)
23:34 - Intermission - 'Trip the Light Fantastic' by djpretzel
24:31 - Afternoon Session pt.2 (Randolph, Aloysius, Ian)
51:13 - Intermission - 'Gemini Salsa' by McVaffe
52:16 - Evening Session pt. 1 (Bryan, Cheng Kai)
1:35:13 - Intermission - 'Wing Theme Surf' by The Fat Man, Dave Govett, Joe McDermott & K. Weston Phelan
1:36:10 - Evening Session pt. 2 (Bryan, Cheng Kai)
Intro + Outro - Penpal (Tugboat Remix) by Anamanaguchi

For those who have been tuning in to our little Asian audio adventure, thank you so much for the support throughout the year. If you like what you've heard or if you want to see some changes to the show format, or if you have any requests for topics, don't hesitate to do the following:

-Use the comments box below
-Follow us on Twitter at @MrToffee and @randolphramsay and talk to us
-Hit us up on Facebook via our GameSpot Asia fan page.

Stay tuned in late January 2013 for a fresh start of the Asia Beat. Happy holidays and a happy new year. Play loads of games while you're at it, eh?

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