GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 11: Gametoberfest!

It's October, there's a lot of games to talk about, and there are four editors with mics handy. You do the math.


First off, we apologize for the extra week delay for our GameSpot Asia Beat podcast; there were conflicting schedules and whatnot waylaying us last week. With that out of the way, this week's episode is a megaton of games-talking courtesy of yours truly, GameSpot Asia's Randolph Ramsay, CNet Asia's Aloysius Low, and SGCafe's Sim Cheng Kai.

Topics of interest include the best way to not mess up your XCOM single-player session, reasons why Code of Princess is a great successor to Guardian Heroes, and why Project X Zone isn't hot stuff. On with the show!

Timestamps are below for your reference:

2:14 - FTL
6:58 - Giana Sisters
7:30 - XCOM: EU
18:01 - Intermission #1 ("Gemini Salsa" by McVaffe)
18:33 - Dishonored
23:29 - Borderlands 2's pirate DLC
26:18 - Torchlight 2 (again)
28:01 - Project X Zone
33:41 - Unfinished Swan
37:50 - Code of Princess
42:38 - Harmoknights
45:39 - Dance Central 3
49:23 - Intermission #2
50:01 - News on Tetsuya Mizuguchi
55:07 - Mechwarrior Online
1:02:40 - Project Eternity,Baldur's Gate series
1:06:44 - Halo 4 on two discs
1:11:22 - Intermission 3
1:11:52 - StarCraft II WCS, MOBAs
1:17:12 - Prey 2 In Limbo
1:19:02 - Darkstalkers Are Not Dead, GGPO Blues

As ever, download the podcast here and dish out your two cents at the comments box below.

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