GameSpot Asia Beat Ep. 1: Max Payne 3 multiplayer, Ghost Recon beta, "Comp Gacha" - May 10, 2012

On GameSpot Asia's pilot podcast episode, we talk about multiplayer action galore and some mobile gaming kerfuffle going on in Japan.


Greetings and salutations, fellow listeners. At long last, GameSpot Asia finally has its own podcast where the subject matter is what makes life worth living: video games. Lots of it.

Because it's rather awkward to have myself ramble into the mic for an hour, we've brought in a few of Singapore's finest game journalists. We have SG Cafe freelancer Sim Cheng Kai, ESPN Games' Marc "The Fraggot" Lim, and RazorTV's Bryan de Silva; they have been around the block, so trust us when we say that our esteemed guests know their subject matter.

This week's show focuses on the multiplayer build of Max Payne 3, a smattering of the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta, some Phantasy Star Online 2 action, and the tackling of Asian and international news. Enough talk--let the streaming commence!

Download the first landmark episode in all of its audio glory here. Also, post your approval/disdain/suggestions at the comments box below.

PS: The Wolfenstein link we mentioned is here. Happy hunting!

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I love the opening music, just like on an Anime series

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Nice podcast guys! Was pretty fun listening, enjoyed the banter and messing about but actually some really good discussion in there as well. Always cool to be reminded we gamers are gamers, doesn't matter where you are :) Keep 'em coming!

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Good job GSA :)

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GSA podcast! Finally! :D

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wait...wait i forgot filipinos aren't asian....

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...remember the movie "the cable guy" and ben stiller's cameo in the court trail and they played that 911 tape...."OH MY GOD! I THINK MY BROTHER'S BEEN SHOT i think it was an ASIAN GANG OR SOMETHING HE LOOKED ASIAN and ithink he was speaking another language im pretty sure it was ASIAN...." just sayin remember that movie?

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That voice and theme music sound so raciest to Asian people if it weren't powered by them...

Nice show, will like hearing more. just cut with the laughing next time....

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The Awkward Moment When you click Play And you Hear A Super Singlish Speaking person which nearly Whole of Singapore Speaks like.... HAHAHA Love it....

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Why do people constantly refer "Current Gen" consoles as "Next Gen" - seriously stop that shit. Face it. our consoles are old.

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The correct name of the recently legally restricted sales tactic is "Comp Gacha", Not Comp Gasha.

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@Taxta Our bad. It's fixed!