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Community News - This year, is honored to be considered in the 13th annual Webby Awards.


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This year, is honored to be considered in the 13th annual Webby Awards. We are up against a news blog website, an online news magazine, a publisher's game website and a professional gaming website. What sets us apart from these other websites? What have these websites covered over the past 12 years? Has GameSpot not done these things at one time or another?

We have joined the news blog territory and have a landing page dedicated to the many perspectives of gaming; we have had professional gamers come to our playing field to participate in tournaments from 2006 all the way through 2008; we have written thousands of features and articles that are just as good as any online news magazine about games; and although we may not publish games, we provide the very best coverage on the web about them.

If you would like to show your support for, drop by the 13th annual Webby Awards page and vote for us under the Entertainment Games - Related category. You are not required to vote for every category on the page, but why not take a moment to vote for the websites that matter the most to you!

GameSpot's Nomination history with Webby Awards

- 1st annual

- 2nd annual

- 9th annual

- 10th annual

- 11th annual

You know who you should vote for, but we will let you decide.

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UPDATE: They plan to give out an emblem. Stop by this page for the details.

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