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GameSpot and GameFAQs Break Up

GameSpot and GameFAQs forums split.


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Hello GameSpot members.

It had to happen at some point. We lived in separate universes. Our moments together were often fragile, but today is the day we had to break it off.

GameSpot has split off from the GameFAQs mirrored forums on all gamespaces, and the GameFAQs logo no longer has GameSpot. You will now be directed to one of the following depending on whether or not a series or game board was created: genre board, game series board, or game board (all platforms). However, you can visit the GameFAQs mirrored boards by going to a gamespace and clicking the platform boards.

We also have a board requests forum dedicated to your suggestions.

With these changes you should notice the following:

- You'll begin to notice familiar faces from other forums on GameSpot.
- New boards dedicated to your favorite genres!
- Embed video enabled, but use the newer embed codes.
- Quick quote and reply on these boards function properly!
- GameSpot community team can assist you with requests or moderation issues.
- GameFAQs members will no longer report you for broken spoiler tags, and more!

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