Gamescom 2014: Destiny Is GameStop's Most Preordered New IP Ever, First Expansion Launching In December

"Destiny is on track to deliver a tremendous gaming experience," GameStop says; expansion The Dark Below gets a release date.


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Bungie's upcoming shared-world shooter Destiny is the most preordered new IP in GameStop's history, Activision and GameStop announced today during Sony's briefing at Gamescom in Germany.

"With the launch of Activision's Destiny just around the corner, our GameStop associates are working diligently to prepare for what is currently our highest pre-ordered new IP in history," said Bob Puzon, GameStop senior vice president of merchandising. "Based on the consumer excitement we are encountering in our stores every day, Destiny is on track to deliver a tremendous gaming experience."

Bungie also showed off a new trailer for Destiny today during Sony's Gamecom briefing (above) and revealed some details about the game's PlayStation-exclusive content, saying the Exodus Blue map will be available to PlayStation players as a timed-exclusive. It was also revealed today that Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, will be available in December across all platforms.

Sony's Gamescom briefing recently wrapped up. If you missed it, you can read a recap of our liveblog.

Destiny launches September 9 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Avatar image for chaosboy1975

I really dont understand people who say that there are no good games on PS4 yet! I have 22 PS4 games and they are all pretty kickass! Also in about a month or so, there are a bunch of awesome games that are going to start dropping!!! And in 11 more days, DESTINY will be in my hands! Woot!!

Avatar image for GladChimer

Wasn't Watch Dogs the most preordered new IP ever?

Avatar image for Julio_Brutal

Of course it is. The other publishers are stupid to not realise that we just have nothing to play right now on our consoles, because all games are to be released from late september to february or something like that.

I have ps4 and xbox one for around 6 months now, and I've got 2 games on each console, because THERE ARE NO MORE GAMES that are worth my money. So when the first one come out, in this case, Destiny, i'll go for it.

Got high expectations for dragon age though. Shame its only to be released in november, when i'll be playing a lot of other games, while right now i have nothing interesting to play.

Avatar image for finaleve

pre-orders are kinda pointless unless there is some incentive. "Oh pre-order here and get some DLC" when it all should have been kinda included in the place because, well, why laud it around like it's some flashy thing in the first place? It's like publishers think it'd be cooler to do this for big games. DLC is not a good incentive, especially when we have 3 storefronts which each have different things to offer.

Physical items though is a different story. That's a much better incentive because it feels cooler to actually have those things in your hands. I still have my Borderlands 2 bobblehead hanging around.

Avatar image for keeper262

I really wish they would wait until after games launch to announce expansions, it makes me feel like I am not getting a completed product.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

<< LINK REMOVED >> #DealWithIt

Avatar image for keeper262

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> um no lol

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree with you mate but tbh in this case it's kinda good. They are making an MMO that is more of a real fun to play shooter, with tight controls and animations then a more conventional mmo. Yes the game has this and that strikes and raids but Bungie knows people are going to really love and live for this game, for many it won't leave their console. They need to be on the forefront letting ppl know new content IS comming, it's important for this game.

Avatar image for keeper262

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed, it is much more understandable and acceptable for this type of game. Shooter/RPG/MMO, well lets hope they pull it off.

Avatar image for pignugget

Congratulations to the marketing team!

Avatar image for spikepigeo

<< LINK REMOVED >> precisely

Avatar image for greenkidd529

<< LINK REMOVED >> What's the big deal, it doesn't cost extra to pre-order and you get a free gift most of the time?

what angers you guys about pre-ordering? that's what i CAN'T believe.

Avatar image for spikepigeo

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> See? You are only proving my point. People like you don't actually understand what pre-orders are. These publishers have you by the balls and you can't even see it.

Pre-orders are a psychological thing. It gives the consumer the feeling that they are doing something to secure product that isn't even out yet, and many times, they haven't even played. I know, Destiny is slightly different because of the beta, but my point remains. Many people, after seeing an awesome (and often misleading) trailer get the urge to buy, buy, buy! And oh no! They can't because it doesnt come out for another 6 months. But wait! What's this? Pre-order??


But that's not even the main tactic behind pre-orders. The main use of it is as an insurance policy by the publisher. They invest all of this money into a product, they need at least some guarantee that they will get some back. So they do pre-orders. What this does is ensure that even if the game gets bad reviews, they will still have your money on launch day, before those reviews are released. This, coupled with review embargos and buckets of hype, is a fool-proof way of ensuring sales even if the game does poorly at Metacritic.

The solution for the consumer? Wait. Wait till launch day. Wait for some reviews. Wait for people to rage/rave about it on social media sites. Pre-ordering is, at best, a way to make you feel like you've done something to solidify your claim to a game. At worst, it is a way for you to get shafted by paying for a game that isn't good.

Notice, I'm not saying that Destiny will be bad. I'm just saying that if it is, there's nothing you can do about it. You dun got screwed by your pre-order.

Avatar image for chaosboy1975

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I love pre-order bonuses, I research a game before I pre-order it, and once I decide I want it, I don't care what any reviews say! I own 22 PS4 games, most of which I pre-ordered, and I have yet to be disappointed in any game I decided to buy! Not to say that your points may not be valid for you, but for me, I am happy to pre-order and give the game makers some security that they are guaranteed to make some money, making games is a risky business, they release a game being financially in the hole big time, so I feel pre-orders help to ensure we keep getting quality games, and who doesn't like getting some game extras for taking a small chance and pre-ordering which also tells the game makers, hey, we appreciate what you do and are willing to take a chance on you!!! Just my thoughts on the issue!!!

Avatar image for irishrizo

People who pre order are the same people who are going to buy it day one anyways so what's the difference? We are still going to buy it before reviews come out..

if they want numbers why not give them to them... they're going to get our money regardless. If we aren't hurting anyone just helping the publishers or even supporting them.

I feel what you're really saying is people shouldn't buy games day 1.

Not everyone is a FOOL.. I've played all bungie games and I trust them to give me an good game. I remember in the past I didn't pre order HALO 2 and I had to drive around town to get it.. so sometimes it is nice to know it's all done and paid for..

Avatar image for greenkidd529

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Geez, I can't believe I wasted time reading all that when it is plain and simple
If the game ends up being not what I expected I can just return it with a receipt, and even if i only got store credit i can just put it toward another game lol

Why are you so aggressive about this, did you get screw out of one too many pre-orders or what? lol

The funny part is you even went into psychology and tactics like it's all some sort of conspiracy or Illuminati. it's just a business dude LMAO!

Let's just agree to disagree cause I would hate for you to have to write another essay about this.

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I pre ordered for the vanguard armory stuff. Drove 30 miles to put the pre order down at my nearest game store. The last game I preordered was demon's souls collectors edition.

Avatar image for irishrizo

Destiny, MCC and Halo 5 are going to be all the FPS. I'll need for awhile :)

Avatar image for spikepigeo

<< LINK REMOVED >> Planetside 2 is really worth a try. Makes the "MMO" claim of Destiny look like a joke.

Avatar image for iluspook

Bungie never once claimed that Destiny was an MMO. In fact, they tried to disassociate that term from their game. It's a "shared world" shooter, for whatever that may entail.

Avatar image for jedensuscg

<< LINK REMOVED >> Planetside 2 is a shell of the MMO that Planetside 1 was. Only thing PS2 did was strip 90% of that mmo feel (inventories, deeper character building, a logistics game revolving around non-combat, and so much more) and replaced it with better gunplay and a F2P model that favors dozens and dozens(and dozens) of poorly balanced weapons over fewer but more balanced ones

Ok in truth 99% of the weapons are nearly identical, except when they are released and they are overpowered, so everyone buys them and a month later when sales drop off Sony is all like "oops, that weapon was too strong, so we are nerfing it to be identical to everything else in the game. Sorry to those who bought it, but wait here is a NEW weapon that will be OP for the next month..BUY IT". And the cycle has continued since the game released. Release new OP gun > sales taper > nerf OP gun > release new OP gun > repeat > profit. I just want to know how SOE plans to keep making money when they run out of "unique" guns to release (by unique I mean, they ran the entire gambit of fire rates from 1 - 1000 RPM, etc)

Destiny is far more MMO than PS2 will ever be, and they are not even trying. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a few quick fights in PS2 now and then, but that it all it is, a persistent Battlefield Online revolving around localized skirmishes or battles that feel more like typical FPS matches, then a larger overall war that Planetside 1 did.

Avatar image for greenkidd529

Not to be negative or downplay the sucess of this but let's get real

What other interesting game is coming out this latter half of the year for anyone to be split on pre-ordering anything else?

sure if your into sports then madden and NBA 2k, but even then most will stick with last years model.

Destiny is the only BIG game coming out this last half of the year, most people traded in their last gen console to get a new current gen and don't have alot of big games to chose from Destiny is the ONLY big game with all the delays lol

Avatar image for attharthehun

<< LINK REMOVED >> I know what you mean! But I think Far Cry 4 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare look pretty good. Definitely excited for Destiny though.

Avatar image for greenkidd529

<< LINK REMOVED >> Ya the game was disappointed but i feel like it is a good game, just my expectations were TOO high for it.

Avatar image for Gankstar_VX84

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> see I never owned a 360. Halo makes me sick to my back teeth, I wasn't gunna test pre order buy or play destiny I really didn't care. I got into the beta cuz a mate threw me a code so he had someone to team up with. last time I was this excited for a game it was Demon's Souls or Fallout 3.

Avatar image for TristanPR77

Bungie also said that most of those are orders are from the PS4. Why GameSpot opted to not mention it?

Avatar image for jedensuscg


Also...wait for it

The PS4 is getting exclusives that no other console is getting, plus a Digital Guardian Edition preorder option that comes with the first two DLC's included (which pays for the extra cost alone), plus a bunch of other in game fluff. The Xbox One does not get the digital guardian edition until release day. ALL of the other limited editions for all the next gen consoles (Xbox One included) are sold out, and many people want the Digital Guardian Edition, because as I said, the 89.99 price tag includes the 35 dollar season pass, making it a value in itself.

So I would wager that a very great many of those extra PS4 pre-orders are because they get access to this special edition as a preorder, when Xbox does not.

Avatar image for jedensuscg

<< LINK REMOVED >> Cause not everyone needs to try and pull out their fanboy card every chance they get.

Avatar image for irishrizo

<< LINK REMOVED >> maybe because its a Destiny Article not a PS4?

Avatar image for delete-easycomeeasygo

While I say Congratulations to Bungie on Destiny but I'm not feeling the hype for this game. Sure the Beta was fun but ever since The news on Raid requires 6 friends only to play and the game was Boarderlands meets Halo, been there-done that, and on a very thin line of not getting Destiny. But I will wait on the reviews for my final decision.

Avatar image for greenkidd529

<< LINK REMOVED >> Well to be fair the hyped has died quite significantly after the beta has released, people on multiple sites and forums all say they were disappointed. So who knows maybe pre-orders might cancel up until it's release.

And on this site specifically at least a good 70-80% were disappointed judging by the comments.

Avatar image for Tiwill44

<< LINK REMOVED >> don't expect negative reviews, they have like $500 million to spend on review scores

Avatar image for Snyper22

I was pleased with the beta gameplay enough to want to pick it up when it releases but seriously? They're already talking about DLC and the game's not even out yet, that's just shady.

As an MMO on it's first legs this DLC should be free considering they took no time to wait for the results or player feedback.

If not. than I hope the original game has enough content to hold me off till next year. There are just too many new games coming out to consider DLC yet.

Avatar image for dementedseptin

<< LINK REMOVED >> I explored the moon very well, found a wall glitch on the moon, made it to some weird underground lair all the way to hellsmouth, i would be pretty ashamed if they are holding parts of the game locked down and releasing it as so called "DLC"

Avatar image for BeNOwNz

mind has exploded

Avatar image for gajbutler

So the game is going to release with barely any content and they already have expansions releasing 2 months after launch... Those expansions are already complete then, it takes longer than 2 months to even test content.

Avatar image for themc_7

<< LINK REMOVED >> where'd you get the idea that the game will launch with no content? The beta was a small fraction of just one of 5-7 planets featured in the full game.

Avatar image for unreal849

@themc_7 @gajbutler 4 open environments, and a possibility of some smaller contained levels.

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