Games With Gold Free September Games for Xbox One and 360 Include Super Time Force, Halo

Xbox One adds only one new game to its lineup of freebies for Xbox Live Gold members, but some very good games are being offered.

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The set of free games that will be available for download in September for Xbox Live Gold members have been announced, and it includes some very good ones.

Only one of the Xbox One's two games is new to Games With Gold: Super Time Force. The time-based shooter earned a positive reception when it was released in May, and it'll become free just a week after the enhanced Ultra edition was released on PC. The other freebie is Crimson Dragon, the digital launch game that was already a part of Games With Gold in August. Super Time Force will be made free to download beginning on Monday, September 1, and will be available through the end of the month; you can download Crimson Dragon for free right now.

Also on September 1, Xbox 360 owners with a Gold subscription will be able to get Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, the XBLA heist game originally released last year. Following that, on September 16, Monaco will be replaced by the final Bungie-developed Halo game, Halo: Reach, which will be free through the end of the month.

You have until Sunday to download the free games that will be disappearing once it becomes September: Strike Suit Zero on Xbox One and the excellent Dishonored on Xbox 360.

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