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Games to get warning labels?

A lawsuit to be filed against Sony Online may encourage online game companies to label their games as addictive.


Many game companies proudly claim that their games are "addictive," and a lawsuit to be filed against Sony Online may cause game companies to begin placing labels on games, warning consumers of just that.

According to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Miami lawyer Jack Thompson plans to file a lawsuit on behalf of Elizabeth Woolley, whose 21-year-old son Shawn killed himself last November. According to Woolley, Shawn had been playing EverQuest, Sony Online's popular online role-playing game, prior to his death. Though her son had been diagnosed with depression and a schizoid personality disorder, Woolley blames the addictive nature of the game for her son's death. The lawsuit will not specifically seek to require game companies to place warning labels on games, but Thompson believes that a large verdict may cause companies to label their games out of fiscal self-interest.

Sony Online representatives declined to comment on the situation. We'll post more information about the situation as it develops.

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