Games Like Elden Ring To Check Out After Visiting The Lands Between

The games, in one way or another, share similarities to Elden Ring. They aren't all Souls-likes, either!


Elden Ring is one of the most acclaimed games of all time, with critics and fans praising everything from its combat system to its open-world design, and it just might be From Software's masterpiece. The game is enormous and seeing everything will take you dozens of hours, but you may be wondering if there are other games like Elden Ring to play when you've finished.

We've compiled a list of games that, for one reason or another, could appeal to Elden Ring fans. Some are Souls or Souls-like games themselves, while others are similar for a reason like the combat design or the emergent world. Almost all of them are massive in their own right, as well, so you should have plenty to play for months.

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