Games Like Destiny Are Changing Review Process, Bungie Says

COO Pete Parsons says it would be "nearly impossible" to review a game like Destiny in just nine hours.

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The traditional game review as you know it could soon become a thing of the past, according to Bungie COO Pete Parsons. He says in a new interview that online- and multiplayer-focused games like Destiny might require professional critics to rethink the review process.

"It is true there are a lot of those people who were skeptical that are still playing it now," he told GamesIndustry International. "I think it's very difficult to--as we see games like Destiny coming out--it's very difficult to sit down for nine hours, 11 hours, and write up a review of a game like Destiny, right?"

"If I were a reviewer it seems like a nearly impossible challenge to do because there's just no way you can experience... you barely experience sort of the campaign side of it and just PvP and no way you can get into all of the end-game activities," he added. "And so it really asks a great question which is 'how are games like Destiny going to be reviewed in the future?'"

We're going to find out, as Bungie is already working on Destiny 2, publisher Activision confirmed earlier this month during a financial presentation.

Next up for Destiny, which has 9.5 million registered users, is an expansion called The Dark Below. It launches on December 9, introducing new multiplayer maps, weapons, and missions, as well as raising the level cap. Check out the video above for GameSpot's thoughts about the upcoming DLC.

The review process for games is indeed changing. Earlier this week, Ubisoft explained why it thinks you might not want to trust day-one reviews for The Crew, a socially inspired racing game.

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why are they still talking about this crap 9 hours yes you did play all destiny had to offer...probably twice. I have no intentions of buying another destiny

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Review processes are changing because game sites have realized that by posting a "Review In Progress" (or many of them on some sites), they can get people to click for a game review multiple times instead of just once. They come up with insane justifications, but in the end they are just doing it for the extra money.

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Sounds like the CO is butt sore because $700,000,000 isn't enough money despite its criticisms which aren't addressed until we spend more money for the next DLC, which by the way should be reviewed separately.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b1fecf308e18

Next you will be seeing mandatory embargos on all games reviews - you watch.

Bring it on - I will never pre-order another game after the pure trash released in the last year (until this month - thx Bioware x)

Avatar image for 001011000101101

Game is still bland.

Avatar image for Dante-xero

Well, if you can't enjoy the game in 9 hours, it's not a game i'm interested in. Who makes a game (which is made for entertainment) and pretty much say that you won't understand what the game is about in that time.. the design is obviously flawed if you have to play 9 hours to "get into the game". I thought destinys whole story took less than 9 hours to complete.

Avatar image for herase

Yes, you can't review an MMO type game in 9 hours, because general mmos tend to open up a different times for some people, either it's PvP at level 15, dungeons at 10, housing at 20 or crafting at 3 and at max level the game can change dramatical, boss fights become more intense, with new mechanics and gameplay or you may unlock certain max level content. Destiny on the other hand does none of that, it's the same type of content from level 1 to 30, nothing changes. You think HC modes would add something new, but they don't. The bosses don't perform anything new or really do anything than shot. Think about it, take all the adds out and all you have it a boss moving back and forth shooting at you for 10 min. i'm sorry i enjoy grinding and earning loot, but that's just poor.

So no i won't buy the DLC if the content they bring is exactly the same with me shooting at a boss for 10 min while it shoots at me and nothing happens. It's a joke if they try to charge people for it considering the content is already on peoples bloody discs lol. Would touch more on that, but whats the point won't change anything.

Avatar image for lilflawless

I cant believe this is how they are trying to fix the game..... i have beat it got my marks done PVP spent a good month on it and honestly you dont experience much from 9 hours of game play to about 100 hours of game play because there isnt enough content so dont try and fix that by saying play more or giving us new items

You dont fix a flat tire by rebuilding the engine bungie come on

If people want content give them just that content if activism is blockig you then so be it because we know its money based by do NOT try n sell us short by offering alternatives

Avatar image for aeluron1989

MMO's(Destiny is an MMO weather Bungie admits it or not) are harder to review. You can't just do a review in 9 hours. No way in hell.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> 6 guys in a map isn't massive... and neither are the levels; it's not a world, they are linear levels that you go through in one specific path. There's nothing impressive about them really besides the GFX.

Avatar image for DeFiLeDTitan

I'll check back with Destiny in a couple years, if it still exists. Maybe the story will be fleshed out to that of 1 quest in an ES game by then.

Avatar image for smurfa1

Well the campaign lasted 5 hours, add a couple of strikes and done shit is done. Crucible is probably the worst MP I've ever tried so won't touch that again. Then there's the raid, sure. But the biggest issue with this game is that they have a quite vast and beautiful environments, but when the story is non-existing I never really got into the game.

Why would you replace cutscenes with crappy small and unresponsive cards on your website? Could at least have been in the game so you wouldn't have to boot up a computer to get the story. And what's with all the plot holes? Did Bungie cut like 70% of the story and just kept random missions that touch Krota, Rasputin, Black Garden but leave everything completely unconnected?

Avatar image for kryotech

You'd die of boredom in the time, that's why.

Avatar image for nhwilber

Most epic moment in Destiny: Picking up a salvage bounty for the 10th time and discovering salvage isn't offered again.

Avatar image for twharr

So there's one kid on this thread that said they spent 9 HOURS ON THE BETA then you have another cat who never played the game...and you expect honest opinions?? Will someone stand up, other than myself, and say they are buying the DLC?? What will you complain about if you don't buy it? I should log all the user names on here and check back to see if you lodged more complaints after the DLC. I won't because I love the grind...I love the bounties...I love the Crucible...I love the Iron Banner...I love the redundancy...I love the loot...shall I go on?? And by the way HALO Part 1 was SUPER redundant, but we loved it anyway!

Avatar image for inces5ant

<< LINK REMOVED >> Lol are you serious, it's hard to tell...

Avatar image for CoolCamel616

Ugh, after a little more than 9 hours of the beta (I kept waiting for it to get good, I kept thinking "hey, these guys made Halo! Freaking Halo! Combat Evolved and counter strike were the bread and butter of middle school for me and my friends!), I can say without a doubt that Destiny is not for me. I could have said that 30 minutes in, but I had to give it its fair shake, and then some.

Uninspired maps, dull shooting, bullet sponge enemies, a "story" that actively repelled my interest instead of inviting it (Halo was no masterpiece, but it was a solid, entertaining sci-fi romp through an exciting world with a sort of all-or-nothing, David vs Goliath struggle for humanity. While it may have lacked depth, it made up for it with an epic scope and top notch bad*ssery.). An MMO-FPS hybrid by the creators of Halo and Marathon, if there was ever a game that wasted more potential than this one, I certainly don't want to play it. They took the worst aspects of both genres and smashed them together with all the tact of a drunk heckler at a late night comedy club. Even the vehicle you got somehow managed to be pretty lame! I played it for a bit at my friend's house after the release, and the later "missions" were just as bad, if not worse.

Where are the people who gave Half-Life a run for its money? Where are the people that, for a brief period, stood at the top of the FPS mountain? That for a few years, were truly the Kings of the Hill? All I can tell you is that they aren't here, not in this game.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

I don't like where this gen is headed

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<< LINK REMOVED >> bland games, based soley on business models and DLC DLC DLC. I went to GAME the other day and they had a whole wall of 'season pass' DLC for every game currently availiable.

I think its disgusting, like this dumb publishers and games companies dont make enough money already.

Like the music industry and Hollywood its becoming shallow, uninspiring, uncreative and plain s~~t all in all.

Just my 2cents

Avatar image for inces5ant

<< LINK REMOVED >> I had such hi hopes too...

Avatar image for Redrivar

After 9 hours, you have beat the campaign and can literally see everything Destiny has to offer... An RNG Grindfest shooter. There is no mysteries that unlock past that point, and if you do, you could be banned.

Avatar image for Gencic

Dragon Age Inquisition = fun from the get go.

Dragon Age Inquisition 15 hours in the game = Tough in-game life changing decisions, relationship building, exploring and bloody tough dragons!!!

Destiny on the other hand = Meh

Destiny after 15 hours = haven't used it for 10 hours... meh

Avatar image for starfox371

But pat, you aren't a reviewer. The reviewers job is to present the player with the game's strengths a weaknesses not sell more copies for you, something you clearly misunderstand. In nine hours if the reviewer thinks the game is bad it is bad, nine hours is a long time. You should grip your audience in the first five minutes of the game. Before the end of teh opening cutscenes I should have been saying "give me control, give me control I want to play". Instead my eyebrows were raised ten feet above my forehead and I was saing "what, who am I, why do I care, why does Peter Dinkledge have such poor lines, how long have I been dead, what am I anyway, what's the covenant doing here, and why have they been renamed the Fallen."

Avatar image for Speedhaak

Reviewing beta products is also moot. **** off Bungie.

Avatar image for Karchy

I can't even watch videos of this game. That's how boring it is..

Avatar image for Dmg051793

I'm pretty sure I had a good idea of what Destiny was gonna be in about 9 hours playtime. Not the full experience, but a good idea.

Hold RT and X

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Yeah - it's not possible when you withold review copies until after launch.

Your shoddy game got what it deserved.

Avatar image for twharr

I don't mean to be an ass, but if you're an intelligent addict like me...forget the haters...they'll be here Googling the responses after we start playing the DLC.

Avatar image for egger7577

Bungie is really delusional at this point. Watch the Angry Joe review of this and you'll understand the problem is not in the gameplay. It's really funny too.

Avatar image for twharr

I challenge everyone knocking this game to show some type of proof you won't purchase the DLC. Prove it! I dare you! Provide your username and platform. Put it on a public forum as a petition. I triple dog dare you.

Avatar image for broncosfan

<< LINK REMOVED >> I wouldn't buy the game itself much less the DLC.

Avatar image for twharr

So that means you don't have a platform...I have a 360 I'm trying to get rid of for free.

Avatar image for inces5ant

<< LINK REMOVED >> you're pretty annoying...

Avatar image for twharr

Prove you've played the game and provide your gamer tag...if you can't do that I'll assume you're a part of the 56k modem crew. Good night...

Avatar image for inces5ant

<< LINK REMOVED >> ... I'm lost. I think I'll fire up my PC and play Destiny now.

Avatar image for twharr

Provide me with a gamer tag...thats all I'm asking...what platform do you rep?? Are you still lost?? Are you third world?? Prove that you've played the game. What exotics do you have?? How do you level up after a 20?? You have 3 mins 56K Guy.

Avatar image for wizemanschaos

<< LINK REMOVED >> I am level 29 with one piece of raid armor, and some raid weaponry. I have Suros Regime, Patience and Time, Gallahorn, Plan C, Ice Breaker, Thunderlord, Thorn, Bad Juju, The Last Word, The Truth and Some Exotic armor pieces. Honestly if the game doesn't offer anything worthwhile in the new DLC I won't be buying it. I only have touched the game 3 times in the last month. It got boring doing the same bounties and doing the same missions to a bad story. Of my friends only one person still plays the game on a daily basis, and most everyone is pretty upset they spent money on the game especially those that bought the collectors edition. Here is my Bungie profile and for the love of god stop badgering people. For most people the game was ok, not great I am happy you like it and no one can take that away from you but plenty of us were disappointed in the game had I known that the beta was more than half of what the full game offered and there would be no additional content added outside of DLC I would have saved what limited money I have for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Avatar image for broncosfan

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't own an XB1 or XBox 360, I have a real console (see also: Playstation 3). And I don't have to prove shit but I don't own Destiny, never will. The last time I played a shooter on a console was never. Shooters are meant to be played on the PC anyways, keyboard + mouse is much more natural for that type of game. I'm more of an RPG and Strategy gamer than an FPS gamer, no matter what "RPG elements" you might throw on a game like Destiny, it's still a shooter.

Avatar image for twharr

Again, prove it.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

<< LINK REMOVED >> Prove what? That I didn't buy it? Why would I buy yet another mediocre bro shooter when I own a PC?

Avatar image for tony56723

If I could go back in time and stop myself from buying the limited edition i would

Avatar image for Redrivar

<< LINK REMOVED >> After seeing what te gaming community is capable of these past couple of months, asking for personal info is a ridiculous request

Avatar image for tony56723

Personal info?

Avatar image for twharr

Where's the proof?! Let me guess...based on your knowledge of an MMO?? Or you're used to a Halo...chances are you're a Sonic the Hedgehog fan.

Avatar image for starfox371

I see a hardcore fan here. Gameplay aside, which is exceptional, what redeeming qualities does this game have.

Avatar image for tony56723

Haha you are trying way to hard to tr0ll. On that note though i think I'm actually going to go play some halo, would you like me to give you proof of that too? XD