Games Bought on GOG Will Work With Windows 10 on Day 1, Operator Promises

If you own any titles on the distribution platform, most of them should work with Windows 10 on launch day.


With the launch of a new operating system, there's always some uncertainty about whether games will work with it or not. Windows 10, the next OS from Microsoft, will go live at the end of this month, and GOG owner CD Projekt is making sure that games on its PC distribution platform GOG work on Windows 10's launch day.

In a post on its website, the company responded to user concerns about game compatibility with Windows 10, stating that it is working on making the transition as smooth as possible for GOG users. CD Projekt managed to get day one compatibility on Windows 7 and Windows 8 for GOG's entire library, and the company says that the same should be true for Windows 10.

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CD Projekt did qualify its statement, reminding users that there are still many possibilities between now and the OS's release date, but the company has yet to come across any major problems while testing the entire GOG library on Windows 10.

To get the best experience on the new operating system, some games will need a patch on day one, and these patches will be available on GOG's website. If you are a GOG Galaxy user, the games will be automatically patched and ready to play.

GOG is well known for its efforts to make old games usable on modern hardware, which is most likely why the company has addressed uncertainty about compatibility here.

Windows 10 launches on July 29, and a free upgrade is available to Windows 7 and 8 users for one year.

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