GamersFirst gets MMOG Fallen Earth

Free-to-play label behind APB: Reloaded scoops up postapocalyptic massively multiplayer online game and plans to launch it by Q4 with new business model.


Last November, free-to-play label GamersFirst picked up All Points Bulletin after its developer Realtime Worlds collapsed. The label then rebranded it APB: Reloaded and made it free to play.

Fallen Earth is rising as a free-to-play game by the end of the year.
Fallen Earth is rising as a free-to-play game by the end of the year.

Now, the outfit has acquired the postapocalyptic action-oriented massively multiplayer online game Fallen Earth. All 12 Fallen Earth employees will join GamersFirst's Reloaded Productions and continue to work on the game's forthcoming Alpha County expansion.

Over the next five months, Fallen Earth will transition into a free-to-play game, joining the likes of EverQuest II and Lord of the Rings Online. When the game does go free to play, gamers will be able to access every zone and instance in the title for free, but they can choose to pay for items or other conveniences from the Fallen Earth store.

Further, players who continue to pay their subscription through the five-month transition period will earn "Veteran Rewards" when the game relaunches. These include the ability to purchase a lifetime membership for the price of an existing subscription, as well as unnamed veteran-only in-game items. Fallen Earth is expected to be up and running as a free-to-play game by the fourth quarter of this year.

For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of Fallen Earth.

[CORRECTION] This article originally stated that GamersFirst had acquired Fallen Earth LLC in addition to the Fallen Earth game and incorrectly named the Reloaded Productions team. We regret the errors.

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