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Gamers have spent 1 billion hours playing Minecraft Xbox 360

Microsoft reveals players have racked up equivalent of over 114,000 years of gameplay in 4J Studios' sandbox game.


Gamers have spent more than 1 billion hours playing Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition since the game launched in May, Microsoft announced today through its PlayXBLA blog.

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One billion hours is equivalent to over 114,00 years.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition recently crossed 6 million units sold. At $20 per down, the game has now generated $120 million since launch.

Sales and play time are likely to increase further, as a disc-based Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is coming to United States retailers on April 30. This will be followed by launches in Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan in early June.

For more on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, check out GameSpot's review.

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