Gamers Get Hands-on with Nox

Westwood gave Bay Area gamers a chance to take an early look at Nox.


Westwood was in San Francisco this past weekend, giving local gamers a sneak peek at its upcoming action RPG title, Nox. Held at Club-I, the event lasted about five hours and capped off with a series of multiplayer tournaments. Jacob Robinson, who was crowned the winner, walked away with a US$200 CompUSA gift certificate.

Westwood's intention was to generate early feedback on the game. The feedback will be used in the final stages of tweaking and play balancing. GameSpot was on hand at the showing, and the feedback we received from the players was entirely positive. The features most lauded by players were Nox's accessibility and the addictive qualities of the multiplayer matches.

"We were thrilled at the gamers' response to the game," says Nox executive producer John Hight. "We also got a lot of good suggestions about how to fine tune the game. Gamers aren't shy at all about telling you what they want."

Nox, which was first shown at this year's E3, is scheduled for a March 2000 release.

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