Gamerbee fights under The Traveling Circus

Top player from Taiwan fights for San Diego T-shirt brand.

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Taiwanese tournament player Bruce Hsiang, also known by his alias "Gamerbee," is a renowned player in the Super Street Fighter IV competitive scene. So much so that he has been recruited to represent San Diego clothing and events brand The Traveling Circus in future fighting game tournaments in the arcade.

Bruce "Gamerbee" Hsiang (picture courtesy of TW Fighter).

Gamerbee's role is to endorse the brand with his signature apparel, and he will represent the North American-based company in upcoming tournaments. Joining him are Michael "ToXY" Guida from Australia and Tokido from Japan; both of them are well known in the Super Street Fighter IV tournament scene across the world.

Gamerbee's claim to fame was at the Evolution Tournament Season 2010 (better known as EVO) where he played rarely used character Adon. He eliminated top USA player Justin Wong in the Super Street Fighter IV semifinals segment of the tournament.

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