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This week's Gamer Reviews have some new honorable mentions, a platform battle, and of course, wise words from GameSpot's top players.


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Top 100 Reviews

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
gbrading [8.5 - Great] Human Revolution is not revolutionary, but it is an evolutionary step in the right direction.
Shadows of Undrentide
Gelugon_baat [7.0 - Good] Shadows of Undrentide is a decent expansion that offers a few new things to the main game.
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
AK_the_Twilight [8.5 - Great] Dizzyingly presented and addictively frantic, Pac-Man's latest XBLA title is an absolute rush and by far his best yet.
And Yet It Moves
c_rake [6.0 - Fair] Though none of its elements truly come together, And Yet It Moves is a solid platformer.
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
DraugenCP [8.0 - Great] Above anything else, this game made me realize I've been missing out as a newcomer to Worms.

Top 500 Reviews

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
gamefreak197 [9.0 - Superb] With friends to enhance the experience, All 4 One makes for another great entry in the series.
Duke Nukem Forever
loopy_101 [6.5 - Fair] A curious but tainted piece of video entertainment history: comparable to Daikatana or the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man
Espgaluda II
NeonNinja [9.0 - Superb] Espgaluda II is a landmark shooter from a development team known for being one of the best in the genre.
Nintendo 3DS
YearoftheSnake5 [8.0 - Great] The 3DS is a solid handheld that is worth owning despite a few flaws.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
ZanarkandTidus [9.0 - Superb] Amazing Blade Runner style atmosphere and a good mix of cover shooting and stealth gameplay make this game awesome.
Sid Meier's Civilization V
akhorahill [8.5 - Great] Great strategy game but lacks the awe inspiring greatness and soul of its predecessors.
Nuclear Dawn
bowlingotter [8.0 - Great] The learning curve is painful, but the payoff is worth it.
Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom
Cloud_765 [9.0 - Superb] Perfect Cherry Blossom delivers on many levels.

Top 1,000 Reviews

Crysis 2
adit942 [8.5 - Great] Maximum Review, engaged.
bugbag [8.5 - Great] BioShock sinks you into the very depths of it's incredible story and creepy atmosphere.
Dark Souls
cronosblaster [7.5 - Good] You're hardcore!
Deadly Premonition
der_spudmeister [7.5 - Good] Good, bad and ugly mix in this ghostly goofball adventure.
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
gamefreak197 [9.0 - Superb] With friends to enhance the experience, All 4 One makes for another great entry in the series.
skratchmasta [7.0 - Good] Lush visuals and solid shooter elements stand out in what is ultimately a shallow experience.
Batman: Arkham Asylum
siberian142 [9.0 - Superb] Arkham Asylum is one of the best action adventure games you can get, even if you are not a fan of Batman.

Platform Battle: Battlefield 3

For this week's platform battle, we have a special three-way edition where we take a look at the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the PC.

Honorable Mentions

World of Tanks
Ricoxs [8.5 - Great] The main reason why a lot of people complain about the game is because it requires intelligence to master.
Batman: Arkham City
super_tails [9.5 - Superb] Arkham City stands out alone as a awesome Batman game, but also a fantastic follow up from 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
rushiosan [9.0 - Superb] Kirby's Return to Dreamland marks the return of a classic Kirby game on a home console and the end of the Wii era.
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Darrt_Feld [7.0 - Good] While it's not the same as traditional Ace Combat game, it has some decent new concepts.
X-Men: Destiny
DylanWirta [7.5 - Good] You can clearly tell this game was rushed but it is still a very enjoyable X-Men game!

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