Gamer Reviews: Legacy Plays

New reviews from our Top 100 and 500 writers, and a new Platform Battle featuring Dead Island.


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Top 100 Emblem Holders

-Red Faction II
By: Gelugon_baat [6.5 - Fair] Red Faction II has more action than the first game, but its premise and presentation are more tepid, among other flaws.
-Resistance 3
By: gdw0908 [8.0 - Great] Resistance 3 ultimately fails at what it set out to do: wrap up a superb series and improve vastly on its predecessor.
By: c_rake [8.0 - Great] A compelling atmosphere and strong, rewarding puzzle design make NightSky a splendid puzzler.
-Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
By: AK_the_Twilight [8.5 - Great] Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is deep, expansive, and finally fulfills the promise that the series made since the start.
-Spider-Man: Edge of Time
By: JustPlainLucas [6.0 - Fair] Spider-Man: Edge of Time is on the edge of being a waste of time.

Top 500 Emblem Holders

-Gears of War 3
By: Garrison_Ford [9.5 - Superb] This epic finale to the Gears' saga is one that gamers will be enjoying for a very, very long time.
By: ZanarkandTidus [8.0 - Great] A very unique and erotic experience that has an entertaining story and gameplay that's fun but hard.

Honorable Mentions

Here, we see some gamer reviews from up-and-coming community stars.
-Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions
By: game-ster23 [8.0 - Great] The iconic gameplay is back for the recent handheld and did not disappoint.
-God of War: Chains of Olympus
By: pokecharm [8.0 - Great] Small Screen Game Keeps Pace with Bigger Counterparts
-Killzone 3
By: benleslie5 [8.5 - Great] Short on its main story but its multiplayer can be addicting and will keep you busy for hours.
-Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls
By: AQWBlaZer91 [7.0 - Good] The original 2 games are showing it's age but there's plenty of value for Hardcore Role Playing Fans to experience.
-Deus Ex: Human Revolution
By: bugbag [9.0 - Superb] Deus Ex: Human Revolution stands as one of the best games of the year, despite a few noticeable flaws.

Platform Battle

This week we take a look at a charming vacation getaway on Dead Island. X360 vs. PC, which played it better?
X360 represented by Cronosblaster versus PC represented by GroverXpv2. Cast your vote below for which console played it better. The winning team will receive profile points!

Most Popular Out Now

Finally, it's time for the Top 10 games to watch on GameSpot for October 13. There are multiple platforms in the order of which they are presented.

1.Dark Souls (PS3)
- By: skratchmasta [9.0 - Superb] Incredibly challenging and utterly rewarding game-play runs deep in From Software's triumphant spiritual successor.
-2. Forza Motorsport 4 (X360)
By: CarlitosWay [8.0 - Great] If you are a real tuner, you wont be pleased. If you want a fun driving game, this is the one for you!
-3. Rage (PC)
By: spectralmerc [5.5 - Mediocre] id has lost their bearings. Once the most cutting edge PC engine maker, now a console lapdog and all that it implies.
-4. Dark Souls (X360)
By: Stonecutters908 [9.5 - Superb] Brutal, addictive, and incredibly gratifying, Dark Souls is one of this years best games and one of the best RPGs ever.
-5. Rage (X360)
By: ChiefFreeman [6.0 - Fair] Underneath Rage's pretty visuals, lies an extremely repetitive and linear shooter that's dated and dull.
-6. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (X360)
By: Azail11 [3.5 - Bad] An attempt to place the Ace Combat universe in the real world, but without excitement or real physics
-7. Portal 2 (PC)
By: der_spudmeister [9.5 - Superb] Portal 2 is not a perfect game but it damn well stands at an arm's length of it.
-8. Gears of War 3 (X360)
By: adit942 [10 - Prime] This is exactly the sort of game that makes me proud to be a 360 owner.
-9. FIFA Soccer 12 (PC)
By: nmenezes92 [8.5 - Great] This is one of the best, if not the very best, Soccer game out yet!! A must play for all soccer fans!

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