Gamer fixes broken Xbox One by whacking disc drive

YouTube video shows man fixing console with broken disc drive by flipping it upside down and giving it a "couple of hard whacks."

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One daring gamer has found a new way to fix an Xbox One with a broken disc drive and it's far from conventional. YouTube user "dave d" has published a video (via Game Informer and below) in which he details how all you need to do is "give it a couple of hard whacks" to fix various grinding and clicking noises.

The method was first discovered on the Xbox support forums. "dave d" explained that you don't need to lift the console above a surface and slam it down. Instead, flipping the system upside down and giving it a few hard whacks directly above the Blu-ray drive should do the trick.

The problem reportedly comes down to a gear not lining up correctly. As he demonstrates in the video, getting physical with the Xbox One is one way to realign the gear and return the system to a functional state.

It should be noted that this brute force method of fixing a broken Xbox One is most certainly not recommended or advisable. Your best option is to contact Microsoft support and speak with a representative. If you have a broken Xbox One, Microsoft will ship you a replacement console right away.

Regarding the Xbox One disc grinding issues, Microsoft said this problem is only affecting a "very small" number of customers, though specific console failure rates have not been disclosed.

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