GamePro shutting down

Both print and online sections of long-running gaming publication closing down; website to become part of

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Veteran gaming publication GamePro has announced it will be closing both its print and online editions as of December 5, with the November issue to be the magazine's last.

The publication announced the news via its website with the following statement:

"Thank you for your loyalty, support, and participation in the community. At noon on December 5, 2011, the U.S. version of GamePro online will shut down as an independent site. GamePro will become part of, offering gaming news, reviews, and how-tos from the PCWorld team. Thank you to the entire GamePro staff for their hard work and dedication."

GamePro is a subsidiary of International Data Group. The magazine first launched as a monthly publication in May 1989, and as an online outlet in 1996. An IDG spokesperson told Industry Gamers that the closure of GamePro came as a result of a lack of advertising money, and resulted in a spate of staff layoffs. The spokesperson declined to comment on how many employees had been let go.

GamePro will be no more.
GamePro will be no more.

"The US editorial and business staff worked hard to earn a passionate, loyal following for GamePro and I am grateful for their dedication and hard work over the years," Mike Kisseberth, head of IDG's Consumer and Small Business media group, told Industry Gamers. "GamePro, like all businesses, must keep up with industry changes and economic realities."

According to Industry Gamers, GamePro will now work on creating "custom content for vendors and events," with the remaining editorial team being absorbed into, also owned by IDG.

At its height, GamePro was such a recognizable brand with gamers that it received its own line of action figures, where toys of pseudonymous editors like Dr. Zombie and Major Mike were sold alongside game characters like The Legend of Zelda's Link and Sonic the Hedgehog.

While GamePro is folding, it did survive its primary print rival for much of its run, Electronic Gaming Monthly. That publication shut its doors in 2009, just shy of its 20-year anniversary.

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Game pro got a lot of hate, but I always liked their magazine. They had awesome covers. I have issue #1 in great shape that I'm keeping as a collectible.

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I haven't seen a GamePro Magazine in years. I thought they went defunct a long time ago.

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This is over 4 year old article...

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@Arseen: Yet it's appearing today on the sidebar on GameFaqs like it's a new article. Sometimes it's hard to realize you're reading an old article when the website that randomly links to these sometimes pushes old stories on the front page for God knows what reason.

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Yeah I know, it's annoying.

One thinks he/she reading some new relevant news story, then starts to think that this sounds familiar, then only to notice the story is old as F***.

They should stop old topics popping to area where one expects new news to be displayed.

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In difference with GameSpot they weren't taking money from developers for their reviews and that lead to their end. RIP GamePro!

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In difference with GameSpot they weren't taking money from developers for their reviews and that lead to their end. RIP GamePro!

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This along with other major News publications are doing the same, except they are at least going digital, leaving room for some employees to be redeployed to other positions in the new and restructured company.

I feel sad for the employees that were not able to obtain a new job position in the company. Lots of lay-offs.

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Its sad to see them go but times have changed. I have so many memories of gamepro when i was a kid. I couldnt wait for the next issue to come every month and i read the magazine from cover to cover. It was good while it lasted. RIP GamePro!! Shout to << LINK REMOVED >> for keeping me subscribed when i didnt have my own money. Thanks Mom!!

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so sad gamepro is dead

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I used to subscribe to gamepro during my childhood. It was nintendo power and gamepro. Nothing was better than checking the mail box and seeing my new issue of gamepro. GAMEPRO! you will be missed.

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Official Xbox magazine is the one that needs to close. That "magazine" was nothing but ads with a small article tucked in every 10-12 pages.

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@OHGFawx: For real. It's still $9.99 per issue yet it doesn't even come with a demo disc anymore.

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**** you US citizens for not buying this magazine... Used to be my favorite mag when I was a kid, Would've bought it every month if I lived in the US. Loved their massive summer special issues. No digital site/magazine can ever be as fulfilling as holding that magazine in your hands and reading it page by page while you're lying in your bed, without goddamn ipads or whatever shining its headache lights at your face...

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@scarletsnake I was one of the "U.S. citizens" who liked Gamepro magazine. Why do you feel the need to lash out at people over something as dumb as this? They had a great 22 year run, one of the longest of any video game print magazine. This is the 2010's. Print media is fading in favor of online, and with good reason; speed, up to date info, Live content with reviews, interviews, trade show coverage all being major factors. Nostalgia is great, but the times have moved in. Accept it.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Shut your stupid mouth ... no one asked for your opinion on the US and their magazine reading.

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i feel very nostalgic. . .farewell GAMEPRO!

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For the best issue of EGM btw check out their Holiday 2004 issue.

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I'll miss Gamepro and I'm sorry that I did not visit their website more or buy their magazine more often. I did buy it for many years back in my youth and my library always had many in the magazine section of the adult and teenage department in Midlothian, IL. With that said I look forward to PC GAMER, EGM and other magazines to carry on the legacy of Gamepro. p.s. I miss Computer Gaming World as well!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> "While GamePro is folding, it did survive its primary print rival for much of its run, Electronic Gaming Monthly. That publication << LINK REMOVED >>, just shy of its 20-year anniversary."

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while i cant say i found gamepro to be very trustworthy, especially concerning game reviews..i do have fond memories of reading that mag. RIP gamepro you will be missed.

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What's GamePro?

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boohoo, it should've been game informer.

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Aren't pretty much all print magazines and newspapers dying? It's only a matter of time before everything is digital.

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I remember reading issues of Gamepro when it featured SNES and Genesis games... the good 'ol days

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well since egm came back maybe gamepro will 2 we can only hope though I have always liked egm more

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damn that sucks... one of my first gaming mags i ever bought was a gamepro :(.. RIP GAMEPRO

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Wow. I can't believe it. They have been around for such a long time too. They always had some excellent articles. I am sure GamePro magazine will be missed.

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@Fetus_Crusher: Yes, 20 years was how long EGM was around.

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Hey, at least we can watch and enjoy the cheesiness of Gamepro TV on youtube, and read our old issues of Gamepro. I will never forget Scary Larry.

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Bummer, read it on and off when I was younger.

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reality hits you hard bro

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Protip: This sucks.

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GamePro's been a great magazine through the years. Very depressing. Always had honest opinions. Sucks

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I can't believe it's gone. R.I.P. GamePro! Thanks for the memories!

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Back in '86 I started buying my first computer (with games section) magazine "Svet Kompjutera". During war in ex-Yugoslavia I missed maybe 10 issues since '93-'95. I still buy it as a collectible though most news and reviews can be read online.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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wow. When I was kid I used to read nintendo power. I started with about the 10th magazine ever. As I grew up and moved to genesis I read gamepro for years.

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But I will defiantly miss The Watch Dog who was the only one giving the info on Broken, problem games, and advice on consoles games.

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I miss Tips N Tricks mags more then Gamepro mags because Tips was my first mag before Gamepro. Thanks for the great time Gamepro and many more.

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@dynomitemasta thx mom

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Pretty sad. For me in the 90s, EGM was #1. Gamepro was a distant 2 but still sad to see them go.

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GamePro is a joke nowadays, it's good that they're going under. Anyone see the SWTOR preview they put out? It was hilarious. "Alliance side, also known as the blue side" >.>

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@SauhlGood Hot Dogs don't go stale, but they can go bad... and as you probably found out, bad meat can make you very sick. Are you an orphan? If not, your parents should be jailed for feeding you that kind of nonsense... balanced meals are an important part of long life and good health. Just ask Slim Goodbody

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@boiardee14 It's nice to see a company that doesn't just crank out sequels until they finally dig themselves into a hole and then just kill the franchise. They obviously care about this franchise based on the resulting game so why rush into a sequel if they aren't ready?

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@Icehearted i was subscribed to SWATpro, you know... their all tips magazine. my mom said 25 bucks for gamepro was expensive, but i would always go to the grocery store and read it every month or just buy a copy with my allowance. when i got older, i would buy a copy and egm from walgreens when i left school. i will admit i subscribed to game informer because the gamestop folks always pressured me into getting it but i never really read it. i always read gamepro, and i will miss it. man, everything from my youth is gone.

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Thats wack as hell....GamePRO was legit, them and EGM both. R.I.P. 2+ decades monthly gaming memories.

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goodbye to my youth although the only real mag i still read from time to time is pc gamer, and they are trying to stay alive with digital distribution.