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GameFly's "Netflix of Games" Streaming Service Expands

You can now access the streaming service on Samsung Smart TVs in the US, Canada, and Europe.


GameFly is expanding its newly launched game streaming service.

The company has announced that GameFly Streaming, which it's calling the "Netflix of games," is now available on Samsung Smart TVs across the United States, Canada, and eight more European regions (see them all here). The number of markets where GameFly Streaming is currently available now stands at 20, following its limited launch in Brazil, Israel, Mexico, and other European territories earlier this year.

"Samsung's global reach is a great way to bring GameFly Streaming to consumers across the globe," GameFly CEO David Hodess said in a statement.

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Previously, GameFly streaming was available only on Amazon Fire TV devices.

GameFly Streaming doesn't follow the Netflix model exactly, however. The program offers bundles of games for a fixed price, which starts at $7/month. There are a variety of bundles available now, each containing seven games focused around a particular theme.

One bundle offers LEGO games, while another comes with adventure games such as Darksiders II and Batman Arkham titles. There is also a Hardcore Pack that features Mafia II and Red Faction.

GameFly Streaming also offers a pricier "gamer pack" that comes with 16 games for $10/month. You can see the full lineup of GameFly Streaming titles here.

The service works with controllers you may already have. Recommended gamepads include the Logitech F310, F710, and Xbox wired controller.

Other companies have attempted to create the elusive "Netflix of games," with varying degrees of success. OnLive recently shut down, while PlayStation Now is just getting off the ground. For its part, Microsoft has also talked about a streaming service for Xbox One.

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