GameFly goes downloadable

By-mail rental service rolling out PC, Mac client this holiday season, offers "unlimited PC play" with 1,500 games for subscribers; beta starts September 8.


GameStop made its digital presence known when it purchased Impulse and Spawn Labs earlier this year, later rolling out their own digital storefront. Now, another video game retailer is ramping up its digital presence. GameFly today announced it will launch a new digital client this holiday season.

A peek into GameFly's new digital client.
A peek into GameFly's new digital client.

Leading the feature set of the new GameFly digital client is the "unlimited PC play" option. A subscriber-exclusive, this feature allows paying members to download and play as many PC and Mac games as they wish. GameFly said its digital catalog will launch with 1,500 titles, and that the library will grow moving forward.

The GameFly digital client will also afford users the ability to manage their queues for game rentals, preorder upcoming games, purchase used games, and read industry news, as provided by the GameFly-owned publication Shacknews.

The closed beta for the new GameFly digital client will launch at a Los Angeles event on September 8. All who attend will earn a code for themselves and a friend. Gamers who can't make it to the event can sign up for a beta token at GameFly's website.

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