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The Games

Eurogamer Expo - Little Big Planet Vita
GameSpotter Lim_ak went to the Eurogamer Expo and shares with some awesome experiences

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
aliessa93 Porsche Carrera GT gameplay

Vs Battles Ep1: Ashley Williams Vs Kaidan
SW92VsBattles is having the first Vs. battle; you decide who wins

Mortal Kombat 9-Ermac Combo 53%-Midscreen-1 Meter
A combo video for Mortal Kombat 9's Ermac

Batten Down The Hatches - Act IV - Chapter 4/5
rossmahon2 shares some Gears of War gameplay

Battle Field Early Release Beta
Video response by Trophypredator09:
It's a BF3 beta for PS3 and gameplay
PSN is tnakng2009; message me for new video on BF3; thanks for watching

Dungeon Fighter Online
GameSpotter psycho_chan13 (aka psychoman125) Dungeon Fighter Online Combat and 100 subscribers to his channel

Final Fantasy Event 03/08/10
Video response by SuaveLlaveBlog:
Went to the Final Fantasy 13 Experience Event in the Regency Center in San Francisco; Played FF13, met some of the voice actors, Spike TV's GT TV host Geoff Keighley, AOTS's Chris Hardwick; it was a fun little gathering

FPS In Real Life
MrDinocks shared this video with our GameSpot YouTube Channel:
What would it be like if life was a shooting game? Like this, of course! Three combatants (Dinocks, Terrorbird, and ToxicSam) are pitted against each other in a forest in Britain; Who will emerge victorious?


Gears of War 3: Good Game
WARNING: This video contains adult gamers using adult language.
By: Youtube Member sgtCOLDCUTS
I've been trying to improve my game. I'm starting to get better. I got a better feel for the maps now and weapons. I still have a lot to learn and improve but I'm getting there. Any tips will help post a comment, and thanks for watching


Dante's Inferno Review and Gameplay HD by Assman123
Critics say this is just like God of War, but there are things in it that makes it original and a clone. Many aspects of the God of War are seen in this game in a higher, and some lower, degree, which EA took too seriously.


Fruit Assassins
A video shared from ADLProductionsTV:
Justin and Fetsch become asses...I mean assassins. Basically, they are killing melons. No melons were harmed. Well, technically they were harmed. Never mind.


Gears of war 3 remix
WARNING: This video is rated M for Mature! ==========
Voltraxer1 shares a remix for Gears of War 3

Spotlight Classics

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Review
GameSpotter charlie_killer aka Catmangamer shares a review of the epic-rated game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Angry Birds Walkthough Part 1
GameSpotter usatheman2001 shows off some Angry Birds skills in this walkthrough. His review of the game was "just plain fun," giving it a score of 10. League of Legends
League of Legends Gameplay. L.A Noire Review
Bioshockraptor gives us his take on L.A Noire. To check out more of his videos, go to his YouTube channel:

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