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GameCube-Style Nintendo Switch Controller Is On Sale At Amazon Today Only (June 20)

This GameCube-inspired controller has several modern features like Hall Effect joysticks and programmable buttons.


Nintendo Switch owners who still adore the GameCube controller design for Smash Bros. and other games can take advantage of great deal on a unique gamepad right now. The NYXI Wizard controller reimagines that classic device for the Switch and adds a few modern touches, and if that sounds like a good time, you can save up to 25% off the regular price in this Amazon Lightning Deal. This deal is only available today until 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET (June 20).

The NYXI Wizard acts as an alternative to Joy-Con controllers. You can attach them to your Switch just like Nintendo's official controllers for handheld mode, or you can keep them connected together to have a chunky GameCube-style controller for docked play.

NYXI Wizard Controller
NYXI Wizard Controller

Beyond the familiar shape and input arrangement, the controller also comes with Hall Effect joysticks, which are far more durable and more resistant to drifting than the sticks on a typical Joy-Con. The ABXY face buttons feature customizable color effects that sync with your gaming actions, there are two programmable back buttons, and six-Axis gyroscope motion-sensing technology for games that require twists and turns. Pretty useful for Mario Kart 8!

Additionally, the programmable buttons have adjustable turbo response and vibration intensity and the mechanical triggers can be fine-tuned to provide rapid-fire accuracy in competitive games. Overall, this makes for a robust and feature-packed controller, especially for when you want to play ports of classic GameCube titles on your Switch. For the colors, you can choose from black, orange, and purple models.

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For a more conventional alternative for handheld play, Switch owners will want to check out the Nitro Deck, a slick cradle for your Switch when you're on the move. This connects to the Switch via the USB-C port on the bottom of the console for faster response times, and other features include Hall Effect joysticks, four programmable back buttons, Bluetooth support, and more. Normally $60, you can grab one now for $50 from a selection of five different colors. The Nitro Deck is on our list of the best Nintendo Switch controllers.

Alternatively, you can save on several models of Hori's Split Pad Compact and Pro controllers. These ergonomic Joy-Con alternatives aren't quite as "premium" as the Nitro Deck, but they do offer better analog stick placement, which makes them comfier to use.

But if you've checked out all of these Joy-Con replacements but still want to stick with the first-party option, it's worth noting that a handful of Joy-Con controller sets are on sale at Amazon and Walmart:

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