Gamecock Sabotages PC, Xbox 360

Publisher picks up Replay Studios' WWII stealth actioner, amends release date to fall 2008.


Since being unveiled in July 2006, Replay Studios' WWII stealth action game Sabotage seemingly went covert after missing its projected Q4 release on the PC. However, the indie developer's project has emerged from the shadows today, as Gamecock Media Group announced that it had acquired the publishing rights for a PC and Xbox 360 version of the game, due out in fall 2008.

This probably wasn't what the Beastie Boys had in mind.
This probably wasn't what the Beastie Boys had in mind.

It would appear the reason for the hold was a change in direction for the project. Still inspired by the life of British special operative and WWII heroine Violette Szabo, Sabotage now features a surreal storyline in which players act out Violette's missions as she lays unconscious in a hospital dormitory.

Not entirely unlike Pandemic Studios' upcoming stealth action game Saboteur, players will be dropped behind enemy lines in occupied Europe to violently undermine the Third Reich. As the game plays out through the heroine's subconscious, the game will feature stylized artwork and combat sequences.

Sabotage has not yet been rated or priced. For more on the game, hit up the Sabotage's official Web site.

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