Game Streaming Service Shadow Gets Much More Affordable

Shadow has cut the price of its game-streaming service and introduced multiple premium tiers for high-end gaming.


Game-streaming service Shadow is getting a big price cut, making it much easier to start playing the latest PC games even if you don't have a powerful system. The plan structure has also changed, with more robust offerings including 4K resolution, ray tracing, and smoother gameplay.

Originally starting at $25 per month when paid on a year-to-year basis, Shadow now starts at $12 per month for the basic Shadow Boost plan. This plan is barebones in terms of features, but lets you play the latest PC games from your device of choice.

The $25 monthly plan is Shadow Ultra, which adds 4K resolution, 144 frames per second gameplay, ray tracing, a GeForce RTX 2080 GPU, more RAM, and more storage for your rented machine.

The most-expensive plan is Shadow Infinite, which starts at $40 per month and upgrades the GPU to the RTX Titan and gives you 1TB of storage space. With 32 GB of RAM, you should be able to play basically any AAA PC game.

The new tiered plans come as Shadow unveiled its latest app for Android mobile, tablets, and TV, and it can be controlled with a gamepad to access games more easily.

Shadow was previously unavailable in several states, but Shadow Boost is accessible across the entire United States now. This could make it a more substantial competitor to GeForce Now, which is suffering from game publishers opting out, as well as the struggling Google Stadia. Shadow is even supporting cloud-based VR with a new "VR Exploration Program" which is still in its infancy.

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