GAME petition signs record R18+ response

Retailer's in-store petition collects 89,210 signatures in favour of R18+ for games; eclipses 2005 Work Choices online petition.

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This week Aussie retailer GAME announced the results of an eight-week in-store petition calling for the introduction of an R18+ classification for video games.

Independent auditors BDO verified this week that 89,210 petitions were signed in the petition period in GAME stores across Australia. The number of signatures outnumbers the 2005 Work Choices online petition count of just over 85,000.

GAME's petition began in March this year, when the retailer teamed up with the pro-R18+ group EveryonePlays. The petition was available to sign at any of GAME's 120 retail stores; initial counts pegged the number of signatures at 70,000, a number that the retailer presented to Federal Home Affairs Minister Brendon O'Connor.

GAME has announced that the petition will now be tabled in the Australian Senate this year. The petition was instigated by former GAME MD Rob Lukic, who is now working in a consulting role with the retailer until the end of the year. Lukic lost his job in June this year, when GAME made several stuff cuts and closed 20 stores around Australia due to economic pressures.

For more on classification, check out GameSpot AU's comprehensive R18+ for games feature.

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