Game Of Thrones Stunt Performer Sues HBO Production Company For $5 Million Over Injury

Casey Michaels says during the Battle of Winterfell, she sustained some real casualties.


A Game of Thrones stunt performer is suing HBO-owned production company Fire & Blood Productions for injuries sustained during the production of the fantasy series. According to court documents Variety exclusively has access to, as of this writing, Casey Michaels is seeking almost $5 million in damages.

Michaels' claim argues that in February 2018 she suffered a "serious fracture dislocation to her left ankle" while dressed as a Wight in the Battle of Winterfell. According to court documents, a group of 28 performers dressed as Wights were instructed to walk off a 12-foot rooftop "as if unaware of the drop, in keeping with the zombie-like nature of the Wights." The performers stepped off in smaller groups, falling onto a rig below, which was composed of cardboard boxes and mats. Michaels' claim reportedly alleges that cardboard boxes "by their nature… are not durable and become damaged."

Michaels was the last performer to step off the roof, landing feet-first while wearing shin, knee, elbow, hip, and back pads. As a result, Michaels has had multiple surgeries on her foot and required a plate and screws to be inserted under her skin. She's also undergone "lengthy, intensive" physiotherapy and has been treated for depression and trauma.

Fire & Blood says Michaels did not follow instructions given by the stunt coordinator but fell "'like a pencil,' in a rigid or vertical manner."

If the parties do not settle, the case could possibly be heard before a judge sometime next summer.

Representatives for Michaels and HBO have not issued a further comment.

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