Game Of Thrones Showrunners Talk About The Coffee Cup And All The Emmy Nominations

"Only God can do anything perfect."


In one of the final episodes of Game of Thrones, a coffee cup can be seen on a table in front of Jon Snow and Daenerys. It was a flub that showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff are taking in stride. They spoke to Japan's Star Channel (reported by Digital Spy) recently about that mistake and other topics, including the show's many Emmy nominations.

Regarding the coffee cup mistake, Benioff joked, "It's like in Persian rugs it's tradition that you make a little mistake when making the rug, because only God can do anything perfect, so for us I guess that just was our [mistake]."

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Weiss added a more direct joke, "That's why I put the coffee cup there. It was a conscious, concerted statement of our imperfection," he said.

Speaking more seriously, Benioff said he felt a mixture of surprise and embarrassment over the coffee cup, but over time he was able to see it as a silly mistake and move on.

"So, at first I couldn't believe it, and then it was kind of embarrassment, because how did we not see this coffee cup in the middle of the shot? And then, eventually, it was just funny," Weiss said. "This one is just a mistake, and it's kind of funny to us now."

Also in the interview, Weiss spoke about all the Emmy nominations that Game of Thrones picked up for its final season. The show nabbed 32 total nominations (including best overall drama series) which is a record for the show. He said it was "surprising" to see how many nominations the show got; "At least in my mind, I thought that the [previous] season would have been the peak and that we would've ended up with maybe a couple less, at best," he said.

Weiss and Benioff are now finished with Game of Thrones. They recently signed a $200 million deal with Netflix to develop new TV shows and movies for the network. This is on top of their upcoming Star Wars films, too. Weiss and Benioff's other HBO show, Confederate, is now reportedly cancelled.

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