Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 7 Photos Tease How Finale Will Conclude

Season 7's final episode will be longer than any other.


The abbreviated seventh season of Game of Thrones has just a single episode left. This Sunday's Episode 7 may be the last Game of Thrones we see for more than a year, and we now have some new images teasing what awaits. As you should expect, Game of Thrones spoilers follow below.

Many of the images only serve to provide us with a clearer look at moments from the teaser trailer for this episode. Cersei will spend more time with her giant beloved floor map in one scene, while another will have her looking annoyed by her visitors. Among them are Jon and Tyrion, who stand side by side. And Daenerys's massive army will make its way toward King's Landing, where Jaime and Bronn will get (another) good look at them. Sansa, Bran, and Theon will all have scenes, too, though it's difficult to glean much from the images.

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Whatever is going to happen, there will be ample time for it: This episode, entitled "The Dragon and the Wolf," will run just under 80 minutes, making it the longest one ever. That's good news, considering a common complaint about this season has been how rushed certain things have felt. Whatever your opinion on the matter, the wait for Season 8--the show's final one--could be quite long. On the bright side, Season 8's episodes may be longer than usual.

This past week's episode, "Beyond the Wall," suffered from some logic issues. There's also been some confusion about the events unfolding in Winterfell, but we have some thoughts on what might really be happening between Arya, Sansa, and Littlefinger.

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